7th Annual Wilanow Footbag Open 2010

Tournament Results

7th Annual Wilanow Footbag Open 2010


Wiktor Debski

Alias: wiktordebski@footbag.org
Phone: 00 48 503 111 982
Sarmacka 14A m1

Online registration CLOSED

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Zespol Szkol nr 1.
Warszawa, Poland
Events Offered:
Doubles Net (Rally Scoring!)
Choreographed Freestyle Routines, Circle Contest
2 Square, Golf, Request Contest

Results for 7th Annual Wilanow Footbag Open (2010)

Open Singles Routines:

  1. Damian Gielnicki (Poland)
  2. Arkadiusz Dudzinski (Poland)
  3. Krzysztof Sobótka (Poland)
  4. Jakub Grabarczyk (Poland)
  5. Rafal Kaleta (Poland)
  6. Mariusz Wilk (Poland)
  7. Michal Ostrowski (Poland)
  8. Pawel Scierski (Poland)

Women's Singles Routines:

  1. Hanna Mickiewicz (Poland)
  2. Gosia Debska (Poland)
  3. Dorota Wojtasiuk (Poland)

Intermediate Singles Routines:

  1. Piotrek Krawczyk (Poland)
  2. Jakub Scisinski (Polska)
  3. Konrad Chlebny (Poland)
  4. Filip Wójcik (Poland)
  5. Maciek Długoszek (Poland)
  6. Rafał Piórkowski (Poland)
  7. Patryk Tenderenda (Poland)

Open Circle Contest:

  1. Arkadiusz Dudzinski (Poland)
  2. Damian Gielnicki (Poland)
  3. Mariusz Wilk (Poland)
  4. Rafal Kaleta (Poland)

Open 2-Square:

  1. Szymon Kalwak (Poland)
  2. Michal Biarda (Poland)
  3. Arkadiusz Dudzinski (Poland)
  4. Krzysztof Sobótka (Poland)
  5. Damian Gielnicki (Poland)
  5. Rafal Kaleta (Poland)
  5. Michal Ostrowski (Poland)

Manually Entered Results

Women Singles Routines
1. Hanna Mickiewicz
2. Malgorzata Debska
3. Dorota Wojtasiuk

Open Singles Routines
1. Damian Gielnicki
2. Arkadiusz Dudzinski
3. Krzysztof Sobótka
4. Jakub Grabarczyk 
5. Rafal Kaleta 
6. Mariusz Wilk 
7. Michal Ostrowski 
8. Pawel Scierski 

Open Doubles Net
1. Uli Haase / Yassin Khateeb
2. Wiktor Debski /Piotr Koscielny
3. Maciej Samborowski / Rafal Andryka
4. Michal Klimczak / Wojtek Ignaczak
5. Kuba Grabarczyk / Radek Grabarczyk
6. Mariusz Wilk / Tomasz Kociolkowski

Request Contest 
1. Damian Gielnicki
2. Arkadiusz Dudzinski
3. Krzysztof Sobotka

Open Freestyle Golf
1. Michal Ostrowski
2. Michal Biarda
3. Arkadiusz Dudziński

Open 2 Square:
1. Szymon Kalwak
2. Michal Biarda
3. Arkadiusz Dudzinski
4. Krzysztof Sobotka
5. Damian Gielnicki
5. Mateusz Zduniak
5. Michal Ostrowski
5. Rafal Kaleta

Intermediate Singles Routines
1. Piotr Krawczyk
2. Jakub Ścisiński
3. Konrad Chlebny
7. Patryk Tenderenda
4. Filip Wójcik
5. Maciej Długoszek
6. Rafał Piórkowski

Circle Contest
1. Arkadiusz Dudziński
2. Damian Gielnicki
3. Mariusz Wilk
4. Rafał Kaleta

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Pokaż IFPA Wilanów Cup 2010 na większej mapie
Event Details:
Hello everone, 

welcome to 7th Annual footbag tournament in Warsaw. 
This is IFPA sanctioned event, so come and win some point to
your world player's ranking.

We have a nice gym with 3 net courts and a freestyle arena.
Top polish net and freestyle players confirmed attendance.


Online registation is coming soon.

Offered events:
Footbag net: Doubles (Rally Scoring!)
Footbag freestyle: Inter/Routines/Circle/Request
Footbag golf: Open

Basic schedule:

10-17. Net: Doubles qualifications and semifinals.
10-17 Freestyle: Routine/Inter/Circle qualifications.

12-17 Net: Doubles finals / Pick-up games .
12-17 Freestyle: Golf / All finals.

Cheap pension: http://wilanowskie.prv.pl/
Nice hotel: http://www.hotel-dipservice.pl/
(both places in walking distance from the event site)

Crash space at players houses if possible.
Foreign players have priority:)
Write wsf@zoska.pl to resereve place.


Saturday 9.10.2010

10:00	Late Registration
10:30	Judges' meeting / Warm-up
11:00	Open 2Square / Doubles Net
13:00	Intermediate freestyle routines
13:30	Circle Contest Qualifications
15:00	Circle Contest Final

Sunday 10.10.2010	

11:00	Open Golf
13:00	Request Contest / Doubles Net semi-finals
15:00	Open/Women Routines Final
16:00	Doubles Net Final
17.00	Award Ceremony
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