*Bembel Cup 2010*

Tournament Results

*Bembel Cup 2010*


Phil Schaefer

Alias: frankfurt@footbag.org

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Frankfurt am Meer, Germany
Events Offered:
Open Double Net
Pro Image Cash Golf

Manually Entered Results

1. Flo Goetze & Yves Kreil (15:9, 11:15, 15:10)
2. Arthur Ledain & Greg Lima
3. Yassin Khateeb & Thomas Förster

4. Chris Löw & Hannes Daniel
5. Ales Pelko & Yaka Stare
6. Philipp Schaefer & Toni Fritsch
7. Nicolas De Zeeuw & Miquel Clemente 
8. Uli Haase & Grischa Tellenbach (scratch)
9. Eurik Lindner & Markus Kaspczak
10. Mouss Kabbal & Sébastien Maillet 
11. Marc Brunet & Vincent Rousseau 
12. David Fujimura & Alex Bartsch
13. Simon Voss & Hendrik Simon 
14. Piotrek Koscielny & Wojciech Jamski 
15. Olivier Baillon & Tom Sustrac 
16. Kerstin Anhuth & Stefan Nold
17. Henning Lindner & Faris Barakat
18. Martin Fabriz & Helena Schlichting
19. Sam Maleki & Evgeni Shiryaev (scratch)

fotos @ http://www.flickr.com/photos/37904404@N02/

As official IFPA Tournament we hereby invite all net players around the globe to take part in the second instalment of the new era of Frankfurt-Style Footbag Challenge. The Bembel Cup is an Open Net Challenge Cup which will be passed on by the winners from year to year - we await the best of the best! The Bembel Cup is a price-money tournament! This year, the winning team will receive a three-digit amount of Euros, the exact price money will be determined shortly.As last year, we chose the Brentanobad ? Europe?s largest and definitely Frankfurt?s most famous open air pool ? a perfect net location with a complete infrastructure and loads of spectators. Since the tournament will be late in August, we WILL have great weather this time! 6 net courts and a centre-court will be ready for action. All registered players will have free access to this beautiful - and refreshing - site which is located between lush, old parks. Over the following years, our goal is to host the most ambitious Open Net Tournament in Europe - so the message goes out to the best players throughout the world: Be there and get your names engraved into the Bembel Cup!
Event Details:
Created Wednesday, April 14th, 2010, 11:38am (PDT); last update Friday, September 10th, 2010, 01:32am (PDT).
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