Zocha Jam 2009

Tournament Results

Zocha Jam 2009


Szymon Kalwak

Alias: ners@footbag.org

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Sports Gym ul. Przesmyckiego 10
Wroclaw, Poland
Events Offered:
Open Singles Net, Open Doubles Net, Intermediate Freestyle,
Women Freestyle, Open Freestyle, Doubles Freestyle, Shred30, Sick3, Circle Contest, Request
Contest, 2 Square, Golf

Results for Zocha Jam (2009)

Open Singles Routines:

  1. Arkadiusz Dudzinski (Poland)
  2. Damian Gielnicki (Poland)
  3. Marcin Bujko (Poland)
  4. Michal Biarda (Poland)
  5. Jakub Grabarczyk (Poland)
  6. Mateusz Janicki (Poland)
  7. Bartek Bubula (Poland)
  8. Tomasz Ostrowski (Poland)
  9. Maciej Bujko (Poland)
  9. Mariusz Wilk (Poland)
  9. Ales Zelinka (Czech Republic)
  9. Patrik Cerny (Czech Republic)
  13. Wiktor Debski (Poland)
  13. Maciek Niczyporuk (Poland)
  13. Kamil Wysocki (Poland)
  13. Jind Smola (Czech republic)
  13. Jindra Smola (Czech Republic)
  13. Jindra Smola (Czech Republic)
  17. Rafal Kaleta (Poland)
  17. Michal Ostrowski (Poland)
  17. Pawel Nowak (Poland)
  17. Arkadiusz Stanek (Poland)

Women's Singles Routines:

  1. Sylwia Kocyk (Poland)
  2. Karolina Modrzejewska (Poland)
  3. Gosia Debska (Poland)

Open Shred:30:

  1. Arkadiusz Dudzinski (Poland)
  2. Jakub Grabarczyk (Poland)
  3. Marcin Bujko (Poland)
  4. Damian Gielnicki (Poland)
  5. Mariusz Wilk (Poland)
  6. Mateusz Janicki (Poland)
  7. Pawel Nowak (Poland)
  8. Maciek Niczyporuk (Poland)

Open Sick 3-Trick:

  1. Damian Gielnicki (Poland)
  2. Mateusz Janicki (Poland)
  3. Arkadiusz Dudzinski (Poland)

Open Circle Contest:

  1. Arkadiusz Dudzinski (Poland)
  2. Damian Gielnicki (Poland)
  3. Marcin Bujko (Poland)
  4. Maciej Bujko (Poland)

Open 2-Square:

  1. Wiktor Debski (Poland)
  2. Michal Biarda (Poland)
  3. Arkadiusz Dudzinski (Poland)

Manually Entered Results

Doubles Net:

1. Petr Stejskal/Pavel Hejra
2. Piotr Bałtrukiewicz/Wiktor Dębski
3. Wojciech Jamski/Rafał Andryka

Singles Net:

1. Piotr Bałtrukiewicz
2. Pavel Hejra
3. Wojciech Jamski
4. Mariusz Wilk
5. Rafał Andryka
5. Petr Stejskal

Women Freestyle:

1. Sylwia Kocyk
2. Karolina Modrzejewska
3. Gosia Nycz

Open Freestyle:

1. Arkadiusz Dudziński
2. Damian Gielnicki
3. Marcin Bujko
4. Michał Biarda
5. Jakub Grabarczyk
6. Mateusz Janicki
7. Bartosz Bubula
8. Tomasz Ostrowski
9. Ales Zelinka
9. Mariusz Wilk
9. Patrik Cerny
9. Maciej Bujko
10. Maciej Niczyporuk
10. Jindra Smola
10. Kamil Wysocki
10. Wiktor Dębski
11. Arkadiusz Stanek
11. Paweł Nowak
11. Michał Ostrowski
11. Rafał Kaleta


1. Arkadiusz Dudziński - 240 pkt
2. Jakub Grabarczyk - 195 pkt
3. Marcin Bujko - 183 pkt
4. Damian Gielnicki - 180 pkt
5. Mariusz Wilk - 160 pkt
6. Mateusz Janicki - 158 pkt
7. Paweł Nowak - 118 pkt
8. Maciej Niczyporuk - 113 pkt


1. Damian Gielnicki (Sumo > Atomic Drifter > Bedwetter)
2. Mateusz Janicki (Sunilwalker > Spikehammer > Pixie Symp. Whirl)
3. Arkadiusz Dudziński (Sumo > Atomic Whirl > PS Eggbeater)

Request Contest:

1. Damian Gielnicki
2. Arkadiusz Dudziński
3. Wiktor Dębski

Circle Contest:

1. Arkadiusz Dudziński
2. Damian Gielnicki
3. Marcin Bujko
4. Maciej Bujko

Doubles Freestyle:

1. Jakub Grabarczyk/Damian Gielnicki
2. Gosia Nycz/Wiktor Dębski
3. Arkadiusz Dudziński/Mateusz Janicki

2 Square:

1. Wiktor Dębski
2. Michał Biarda
3. Arkadiusz Dudziński

Footbag Golf:

1. Kamil Wysocki
2. Michał Ostrowski
3. Marek Wierzbicki 

Another year has passed, and it's time to announce the 8th annual Zocha Jam tournament! Being the biggest international Polish event, this year's tournament will once more gather the best European players to get them to compete for top spots on the podium. Don't miss the crazy spike and shred action and visit Wrocław for a fun weekend with lots of footbag!
Event Details:


Sports Gym
ul. Przesmyckiego 10, Wrocław
It is a modern gym, where both Freestyle and Net will be held. It has an
built-in sound system and locker rooms with showers.

How to get there?
Take the bus "A" from Dworcowa (street next to the main train station) and
ride it to the Daniłowskiego Street. Then you will have to walk a short
distance (check the map below). You can also take the 116 bus from Plac
Grunwaldzki, and get out on the same stop (Daniłowskiego).


Pokaż Zocha Jam 2009 na większej mapie MORE PHOTOS: Stret View Sign next to the entrance REGISTRATION FEES: Open Category: 50 PLN Women: 30 PLN Intermediate: 30 PLN Guest: 20 PLN Pre-payment is required, late registration will be offered for the base price increased by 20 PLN. INFO FOR PLAYERS: Players competing in Routine events are required to send their music to the organizers before the the tournament. Please send your e-mails to zochajam@o2.pl - files need to have their names in the following format: first name_last name_event_round (for example jan_kowalski_openfreestyle_final) TIMETABLE: Saturday 5.12 10:00 Late Registration and Judges Workshop 10:00 Open Doubles Net Qualifications 11:00 Open Freestyle Routines Qualifications 13:00 Shred 30 13:30 Circle Contest Qualifications and Finals 15:00 Sick3 15:30 Associations Meeting 17:00 Open Doubles Net Final Sunday 6.12 09:00 Footbag Golf 10:00 Open Singles Net Qualifications 11:00 2 Square 13:00 Request Contest 14:00 Routines Finals: Intermediate, Women, Doubles, Open 16:00 Singles Net Final 17:00 Award Ceremony
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