Funtastik Summer Classic

Tournament Results

Funtastik Summer Classic


Brenda Marie Solonoski

Phone: 717-979-5620 cell
7821 Jefferson St.
Hummelstown, PA
Morrison Park (alias Sunshine Park) on Sat, Sun & Mon- Front & Forrester Sts,(Ha
Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, USA
Events Offered:
Net -Pro, Intermediate, Masters, Women
Freestyle- Pro, Intermediate, Masters
Golf- Pro, Intermediate, Masters
Entry fee is $25 to commemorate our 25th and last year for everyone for everything. 
Limited edition collector T shirts will be available for purchase to tournament
participants only until Sunday at noon.  

Results for Funtastik Summer Classic (2010)

Open Singles Routines:

  1. David Clavens (USA)
  2. Jay Boychuk (Finland)
  3. Gordon Bevier (USA)
  4. Scott Davidson (USA)
  5. Ken Somolinos (USA)
  6. Daniel Greer (USA)
  7. Nathan Pipenberg (USA)

Open Circle Contest:

  1. David Clavens (USA)
  2. Jay Boychuk (Finland)
  3. Ken Somolinos (USA)
  4. Gordon Bevier (USA)

Manually Entered Results

Greetings,  There was a super turn out for the last Summer Classic. We thank 
everyone who came to compete, hang out and visit.  We thank all the people who 
helped set up, move, break down and judge. We send out a special thanks to the 
staff & especially Rob McCloskey.  Joe worked him hard this year.  
Vince gets huge kudos.  He is the main man slaving over the pools & brackets. 
And mega thanks to our sponsors who have been faithful Summer Classic sponsors- 
Jack Lentz, Funtastik, World Footbag Association, Pro Kicker, IFPA,, Harrisburg Holiday Inn and the City of Hbg Parks & Rec Dept. 
Even though the net & freestyle sites were about two blocks from each other on 
Sunday and Monday, it all worked out.  The net battles were outstanding, the 
freestyle was dazzling and the skills contests were full of surprises. 
David Clavens closed out the 25th annual Summer Classic with a dropless 

Thanks for the memories!! 
Brenda & Joe Solonoski

SEPTEMBER 4,5 & 6 
Cash prize- $1500+  Plus merchandise I am creating this list from several pages 
of notes.  If there are errors, please let me know.  

1. Kenny Shults
2. Gilles Demers
3. Francois Pelletier
4. Martin Cote
5. Chris Siebert
6. Luc Legault
7. Tuan Vu
8. Genevieve Bousquet
9. James Harley
10. Olivier Berthiaume-Bergé
11?. JF Belanger
11?. Chris Cleaver
13. Daniel Greer
14. Marc Girard
15. Matt Quint
16. Mark Hunsberger
17. Josh DeClerq
18. Vince Bradley
19. Joe Solonoski
20. Thomas Bergamasco
21. Greg Neumann
22. Rob McCloskey
23. Matt Sauserman
24. Ed Shred Price

1. K Shults/C Siebert
2. M Bouchard/ F Pelletier
3. G Demers/L Legault
4. Y Archambault/M. Cote
5. T Vu/J/ Harley
6. C Cleaver/D Greer
7. R McCloskey/ M Sauserman
8. V Bradley/G Bousquet
9. E Price/J Solonoski
10. J Hankins/T Bergamasco
11. J Belanger/O Berthiaume-Bergé
12. A Intemann/G Neumann
13. J DeClerq/M Girard
14. M Quint/M Hunsberger

1. Tuan Vu
2. Vince Bradley
3. Joe Solonoski

1. V Bradley/J Harley

1. David Clavens - dropless
2. Jay Boychuk
3. Gordon Bevier
4. Scott Davidson
5. Ken Somolinos
6. Dan Greer
7. Nathan Piperberg

1.    David Clavens
2.    Jay Boychuk
3.    Ken Somolino
4.    Gordon Bevier (3 & 4 were real close!!)

1. Jamie Lepley
2. Tom Bergamasco (Toxic)
3. Scott Durfee

IRON MAN- Tuan Vu              $100
FREESTYLE SHRED- David Clavens $100
SERVICE POACHING-Chris Seibert $100
SUPERMAN- Ben Kellman          $100

1. Jack Lentz
2. Ted Fritsch
3. Dan Johnson
4. Pat Duran
5. Rob Creed
6. Kelly Kelly
7. Jasper Shultz 

1. S Durfee/R Creed
2. T Fritsch/K Kelly
3. D Johnson/P Duran
4. J Lentz/J Penny

1. Nick Pollini
2.  Barrett Neimeth
3.  Ted Fritsch
4.  Corey Gorges

With over 24 years of tournament history, the Funtastik Summer Classic is the perfect tournament/festival to attend on the east coast to wind down your summer with a super FUN time. This tournament/festival is part of a three day festival in downtown Harrisburg called Kipona, which attracts thousands of people. There is always plenty of circle kicking and two square play for everyone, no matter what age or ability. Total beginners to regining World Champions are at this event. We also invite you to join us at the Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony on Sunday night to honor footbag's finest. This is the last year the Summer Classic will be held by long time tournament directors Brenda and Joe Solonoski. So make plans now to come out to watch, compete, learn, hang out, or just to see what all the exictement is about. This event will be the highlight of your summer!
Event Details:
MONETARY & PRIZE DONATIONS- are always needed and gratefully accepted.  
Please contact Brenda Solonoski for for information.

HOST HOTEL- Same as last year- Holiday Inn Hotel and Conference Center- 148 
Sheraton Drive, New Cumberland, PA - convieniently located off Rt #83 & PA 
turnpike, just south of Harrisburg 717-774-2721 or 1-888-865-3399 About 15- 
20 minutes to the tournament sites. Discounted rate of $79 plus tax per 
night when reservation IS MADE BY August 23,2010 and "Footbag tournament" is 
mentioned. 30 rooms available at the discounted rate, so CALL NOW and 
reserve. Deluxe rooms with hi-speed wireless, indoor pool, & jacuzzi, 
fitness center,free airport shuttle and Award Winning Elephant & Castle 
Restaurant.  Gas stations and other eateries within walking distance.  Shred 
room reserved for Fri-Sun nights until 1am.

Camping- Harrisburg East- 1134 Highspire Blvd, Hbg (off Rt 283) 717-939-4331

EVENTS-Net -Pro, Intermediate, Masters, Women
       Freestyle- Pro, Intermediate, Masters
       Golf- Pro, Intermediate, Masters
       Skills- part of the tournament entry fee this year.See below for event 

FREESTYLE SHRED- 45 sec. max, most adds win, no choreography, generic music.
Rules- 1. Shred till you drop 2. 3 drops & you are done 3. Cannot do same
trick more than 5 times in a row 4. The top 3 make it to finals Yes, your
routine will be video taped to verify adds.

SERVICE POACHING- This is a two-person event. Preliminary 
rounds- the most blocks win. Final round- highest 
accumulative score from judges win. 1. Service block must 
occur at the net. 2. Blocker must be airborne to count. 3. 
The top 3 make it to finals. 

IRON MAN- The best time wins. Any drop in consecutive or 
toe delays, must restart from the beginning. 1. 100 
consecutive kicks, 10 toe delays, 1 around the world with 
each foot, golf accuracy shots, 1 net service & 1 set & 
spike (airborne contact above net required) 2. Two footbags 
allowed. 3. Body contact is allowed during golf shots. 4. 
The top 3 make it to finals. 

SUPER MAN- Completion of tasks in the best time wins. 40 
adds, 50 consecutives, net serve to gladiator until scoring 
a point, receive gladiator serve until scoring a point & 3 
various golf shots done within 4 mins. 1. Seconds added to 
score equal to distance 2. Any golf shot made cancels out 
distance from longest miss. 3. Net footbag must be used 
during net portion. 

Tentative Schedule

FRI- 8PM-2AM Keystone room at Host hotel-Hbg Holiday Inn open for 
     9-11 registration in Keystone room
SAT.  MORRISON (SUNSHINE) PARK, Cameron (Rt 230)& Herr Sts. Harrisburg, Pa.
9am -Late registration/early reg. player pack pick up
10am -Preliminary Singles Net rounds
2pm  -Preliminary Doubles Net rounds
6pm  -Service Poaching- qualifying
8pm- 12:59AM- social/shred- host hotel- Keystone room

SUN. Golf- TBA  
8:30 am- golf  9 holes

SUN. FRONT & FORRESTER STS, (Harvey Taylor Bridge) Harrisburg, Pa.
11am -Singles & Doubles Net continues 
     -Amateur Singles Finals
12pm -Amateur Doubles Net Finals 
1pm  -Iron Man, Super Man & Shred Preliminary rounds
3pm  -Freestyle Singles
4pm  -Singles & Doubles Net SemiFinals
      -Consolation net matches        
8pm- 1:59am- social/shred-Hbg Holiday Inn- Keystone Room
9:30pm- 10:45pm- HAll of FAME INDUCTION CEREMONY-Keystone Room  Open to the 
public. Donations to the Footbag Hall of Fame accepted.

10am   -consolation net mataches
11am   -Masters singles net Finals
11am   -pro singles 3rd place Final
NOON   -Pro Singles Net Final
1pm    -Masters doubles Final - Skills Contest Final
2pm    -Pro Doubles Net Final
3pm    -Shred Skills Contest Final-
3:30pm -Freestyle Finals  
5pm    -Awards Ceremony at site
6:30   -Farewell Party/dinner at Appalachian Brewery Co. upstairs
        50 Cameron St.(Rt 230) Harrisburg, PA. (Near Morrison 
        Park) Open to the public.
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