2009 East-Coast Footbag Championships

Tournament Results

2009 East-Coast Footbag Championships


Vince Bradley

E-mail: procrastan8r@footbag.org
Silver Spring, MD
College Park Community Center
College Park, Maryland, USA
Host Club:
Events Offered:
footbag net and freestyle, in both open and intermediate.
and we play both kinds of net.

$40 to enter Open division play. $20 to play in Intermediate divisions. $10 for Novice.

Results for East-Coast Footbag Championships (2009)

Open Singles Routines:

  1. Ken Somolinos (USA)
  2. Ryan Thomas (USA)
  3. Nathan Pipenberg (USA)
  4. Daniel Greer (USA)
  5. Jonathan Schneider (USA)

Open Circle Contest:

  1. Ken Somolinos (USA)
  2. Ryan Thomas (USA)
  3. Nathan Pipenberg (USA)
  3. Daniel Greer (USA)

Manually Entered Results

1. Ken Somolinos
2. Ryan Thomas
3. Nathan Pipenberg
4. Danny Greer
5. Jon Schneider
1. John Goode
1. Ken Somolinos
2. Ryan Thomas
3. Nate Pipenberg (tie)
3. Danny Greer (tie)
1. David Beyers
2. John Goode
3. Waylon Lew
by request contest:Ken Somolinos
1. Luc Legault
2. Dominic O'Brien
3. Dan Greer
4. Ted Fritsch (int)
5. Jim Hankins
6. Dan Johnson (int)
7. Ryan Thomas (int)
8. Chris Balch (int)
9. Jack Lentz (int)
10. Kevin Fura 
1. Ryan Thomas
2. Jack Lentz
3. Dan Johnson
4. Ted Fritsch
5. Chris Balch
1. Dominic O'Brien & Luc Legault
2. Dan Greer & Jim Hankins
3. Ted Fritsch & Dan Johnson (int)
4. Vincent Bradley & Kevin Fura
(consolation below 4th rank was not played)
by seed from pools:
5. Jack Lentz & Drew Martin
6. Ryan Thomas & Chris Balch
7. Adrienne Dukes & Christian Kloc
1. Ryan Thomas & Chris Balch
2. Jack Lentz & Drew Martin
3. Ken Somolinos & Dan Johnson
4. Adrienne Dukes & Christian Kloc
1. Jamie Lepley
2. Dan Greer
3. Drew Martin
4. Chris Balch
1. Dominic O'Brien (MONTREAL!)
2. Luc Legault
3. Jack Lentz
4. Adrienne Dukes

The registration and each event's site is the College Park Community Center at 5051 Pierce Avenue, College Park, MD 20740

Schedule of Events:
Friday October 2nd - College Park Recreation Center Dance Practice Room
6pm-10pm Registration and Teen Night demonstrations and lessons
Saturday October 3rd
9am Net setup and Net player warmups.

930-10am Net players meeting at Soccer field at College Park Community Center. This meeting will determine how much net will be played when.

10am - 5pm Singles Net, with breaks for lunch and freestyle. If time permits doubles net may start on this day if players are up for it.

12-3pm Freestyle events in the Community Center main gymnasium
12:30 pm- Intermediate routines
1:30 pm- Open routines
2:30 pm- Request contest

7pm - ?? Freestyle? Party? Shenanigans!
Sunday October 4th
9am-12pm Doubles net prelims and wrap up of singles net.

12-3pm Freestye events in Community Center Gym
12:30- Intermediate Circle
1:00- Open Circle

3-5pm Open Net finals singles and doubles.

530-7pm Awards Ceremony at The Thirsty Turtle.

Host hotel is the Clarion Inn, group rate 'East Coast Footbag Championships' $82.00 a night.

Clarion Inn and Fundome - http://www.collegeparkinn.com/

8601 Baltimore Avenue College Park, MD 20740 (301) 474-2800


Event Details:
This is a blockbuster year for sponsorship!

Thanks to the donation crew, Jonathan Schneider, Ken Somolinos, Kevin Fura and
Jack Lentz.

Thanks to the product crews, Fourkast Sports, Flying Clipper, Funtastiks
Alternative Sport and Fun Shops, Kolo Sports, Bruce Dole, Richie Abshire, Matt
Cross, Brian Bear, Gary D'Alessandro, College Park Community Center, and the
Clarion Inn and Fundome of College Park, MD.
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