X-PRO Cup (Copa X-PRO)

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X-PRO Cup (Copa X-PRO)


Carlos Rafael Márquez

E-mail: fushidoman2@hotmail.com
Alias: fushidoman@footbag.org
Phone: 0058-424-7234722
Tucapé Parte Baja, Calle 5 Qta. Meme
San Cristóbal, Táchira
Parque Los Caobos
Caracas, Dtto. Capital, Venezuela
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Manually Entered Results

The event went without any incidents, showing an excellent level, the higher
level ever seen  in our country, having  26 open  players and 6 girls (mixed
competition) from different locations of Venezuela, demonstrating first class
logistics with free hydration, fruits and snacks on site, first aid, music,
trophies, net bags and enough net sets. The players showed flawless fair play
and judging, and the seeding and pools assignment was  made following all the
ifpa procedures.

We had some epic matches in both singles and doubles, mentioning the semifinal
match between Roberto da silva/Oscar Loreto Vs. Jairo Lagos/Darwin Mora, a
3-games battle showing the very best of each player, with unbelievable digs ,
spikes and rallies. In singles we had the Expected final between the Caracas
singles strongest player, Victor Lezama and the runner up from their archenemies
the Táchira club, Carlos Márquez. This final match gathered the biggest crowd in
the whole tournament, setting the ambiance for a nerve-breaking and emotional match.

We congratulate the new holders of the  X-pro Cup!  Victor Lezama in singles,
and Jairo Lagos/ Darwin Mora in doubles, and extend a big thanks to all the
competitors and spectators  that showed up during the weekend. We hope to see
you all next year to fight for the X-Pro Cup!


19 competitors:

(seeding position) Name

Pool A:
(1) Jairo Lagos
(12) Andrés Vivas
(13) Elías González

Pool B:
(2) Roberto Da Silva
(11) Ángel Hernández
(14) Anthony Di Benedetto

Pool C:
(3) Ángel Vivas
(10) Nelson Castro
(15) Eduardo Matinez

Pool D:
(4) Eduardo Cantillo
(9) Diego Chaves
(16) Julio Garcia

Pool E:
(5) Victor Lezama
(8) Oscar Loretto
(17) Oscar Colmenares

Pool F:
(6) Reinaldo Pérez
(7) Carlos Márquez
(18) Ramón Zambrano
(19) Alfredo Rebolledo

place    Name              
1.     Victor Lezama        
2.     Carlos Márquez       
3.    Elías González        
4.    Roberto Da Silva    
5.    Nelson Castro        
6.    Eduardo Cantillo        
7.    Ramón Zambrano        
8.     Oscar Loretto        
9.    Diego Chaves        
10.    Eduardo Matinez        
11.     Anthony Di Benedetto    
12.    Jairo Lagos        
13.    Andrés Vivas      
14.    Ángel Hernández 
15.    Ángel Vivas        
16.    Julio Garcia        
17.    Oscar Colmenares   
18.    Reinaldo Pérez        
19.    Alfredo Rebolledo    


13 teams:

pool A:
(1) Jairo Lagos/Darwin "Chipy" Mora
(5) Oscar Loretto/Roberto Da Silva 
(12) Oscar Colmenares/Eduardo Portillo
(13) Luis Ortegano/Quimel González

pool B:
(2) Eduardo Matinez/Eduardo Cantillo
(6) Diego Chaves/Luis Sarmiento 
(11) Ramón Zambrano/Raymond Brito

pool C:
(3) Nelson Castro/Elías González
(7) Carlos Márquez/Julio García
(10) Nelson Mantilla/Sergio Pinto

pool D:
(4) Anthony Di Benedetto/Reinaldo Pérez
(8) Victor Lezama/Ángel Hernández
(9) Ángel Vivas/Andrés Vivas

Final Results DOUBLES:
place    names                         
1.     Jairo Lagos/Darwin "chipy" Mora
2.     Nelson Castro/Elías González        
3.    Oscar Loretto/Roberto Da Silva       
4.    Nelson Mantilla/Sergio Pinto        
5.    Eduardo Matinez/Eduardo Cantillo    
6.    Ángel Vivas/Andrés Vivas            
7.    Diego Chaves/Luis Sarmiento        
8.     Anthony Di Benedetto/Reinaldo Pérez    
9.    Victor Lezama/Ángel Hernández        
10.    Carlos Márquez/Julio García        
11.     Ramón Zambrano/Raymond Brito        
12.    Oscar Colmenares/Eduardo Portillo    
13.    Luis Ortegano/Quimel González        

Southamerica's Best Players will be Fighting for the X-PRO Cup, and more important, for the Honour..
Event Details:
Parque Los Caobos, todo el día sábado 19 y Domingo 20 de Septiembre

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