Texas Statewide 2009

Tournament Results

Texas Statewide 2009


Benjamin Benulis

E-mail: ironcladben@mailbolt.com
Phone: 512-300-5574
925 S. Idaho St.
La Habra, CA
Mueller Lake Park, 4209 Airport Blvd
Austin, Texas, USA
Events Offered:
-Open doubles
-Mixed doubles
-Open Singles

-Big 1
-Best 3

*Iron Man
*5 Minute timed consecutives

Manually Entered Results

Golf Results:
1st James Roberts 63 - 2 round total
2nd Tim Vozar 64
3rd Craig Lord 67
4th Dave Spears 68
5th Michael Gupton 74
6th Edwin Veltman 81
7th Curtis Taylor 82
8th Mike Stokely 83

Open Doubles Net - 7 teams
1.      Chris Siebert/James Harley
2.      Tuan Vu/James Roberts
3.      Tim Vozar/Michael Gupton
4.      Heather Thomas/Edwin Veltman
5.      Kelly Kelley/Tina Lewis
6.      Craig Lord/Dave Spears
7.      Mike Stokely/Ben Benulis

Open Singles Net - 6 competitors
1.      Chris Siebert
2.      Tuan Vu
3.      Edwin Veltman
4.      Tim Vozar
5.      Michael Gupton
6.      Ben Benulis

Mixed Doubles Net - 3 teams
1.      Tina Lewis/James Harley
2.      Kelly Kelley/Chris Siebert
3.      Heather Thomas/Tuan Vu

Saturday 9am - 6pm
Sunday 9am - 6pm
Event Details:
Lodging, the Youth Hostel is close to my house, close to the airport
and CHEAP ($20/night).  Make your reservations NOW.
Created Sunday, July 19th, 2009, 12:50pm (PDT); last update Sunday, November 8th, 2009, 07:26pm (PST).
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