Austrian Footbag Championships 2009

Tournament Results

Austrian Footbag Championships 2009


Armin Moayad

Phone: +436801320560
Schwimmbad / Triebwerk (Finals)
Wiener Neustadt, 2700, Austria
Host Club:
Events Offered:
Open Routines, Women Routines, Doubles Routines, Intermediate Routines, Open Doubles Net,
Open Singles Net, Request Contest, Circle Competition, Shred 30, Sick3/Big1.

Manually Entered Results

Freestyle Results

Request Contest:

1. Alexander Trenner 
2. Jeremy Masselis

Sick 3:

1. Jeremy Masselis (Fog > Smoke > Mullet)
2. Alexander Trenner (Matador > Blurry Whirl > Mullet)
3. Andreas Hoffmann (Dimwalk > Diving Butterfly > Ducking Butterfly)

Sick 1:

1. Alexander Trenner (Superfly)
2. Andreas Hoffmann (Pendulous Ducking Osis)
3. Dominik Knoll (PS Whirl)

Shred 30:

1. Alexander Trenner (190.31)
2. Jeremy Masselis (129.15)
3. Andreas Hoffmann (79.80)
4. Armin Moayad (75.23)

Intermediate Freestyle Routines:

3. Christoph Straka
2. Stefan Semlitsch
1. Armin Fischer 

Open Women Freestyle Routines:

3. Dian Fedl
2. Anita Lenneis
1. Hannah Nigisch

Open Doubles Freestyle: 

1. Andreas Hoffmann / Dominik Knoll

Open Men Freestyle Routines:

8. Markus Neuweg
8. Dominik Knoll
7. Martin Wallner

6. Laurenz Prokopp
5. Armin Moayad
4. Andreas Hoffmann
3. Roman Huber
2. Jeremy Masselis (FRA)
1. Alexander Trenner

Netbag Results

Open Singles Net:

1. Tammo Rockel (GER)
2. Luka Weyler-Lavallée (CAN)
3. Leo (CAN)
4. Ebi Schilling (GER)

Open Doubles Net:

1. Tammo Rockel & Ebi Schilling (GER)
2. Luka Weyler-Lavallée & Leo (CAN)
3. Andreas Hoffmann & Dominik Knoll

The AUTsiders are inviting all Austrian footbaggers, hackysackers and spectators to the 8th annual national championships 2009 in Wiener Neustadt!

Wiener Neustadt is the second biggest city in Lower Austria and just 50 km away from Vienna. It is easy to reach by train or car. We will also host the first ever YoYo National Championships as part of our event! Of course we also appreciate all international visitors!

-) Routines, Net, Sick3/1, Request Contest, 4 Squares,...
-) Shred & Spike in Neustadts largest outdoor swimming pool
-) Finals on Saturday @ Triebwerk (space for 100-200 spectators) including sideacts
-) affordable accomodation in a gym which also serves as competition site in case of rain
-) parties organized by local nightlife experts

Hope to see you in the "Allzeit Getreuen"!

Event Details:
Registration Fees:

   for Players: 20€  (Open AND Intermediate)
                     - Players can compete in as much contests as they want
   for Guests:  10€

   this fee will cover: acommodation in the gym, breakfast & dinner on   
   saturday, brunch on sunday, entrance fee for volksbad, fruits & drinks  
   at the eventsite.

Routine Music:

  please bring your routine music as a mp3 file on cd or flahsdrive 
  to the registration!

Google map with all important locations - click here

Tentative Schedule: Friday -------- 14:00 - 18:00 Registration @ Volksbad - Shred & Spike & Swim 20:00 Registraton & Arrival Party UPDATE: in neXt bar! see googlemap Saturday --------- all Qualifications @ Volksbad Wiener Neustadt 10:30 Breakfast & Last Minute Registration 11:00 Intermediate Freestyle Qualifications 11:45 Open Women Qualifications 12:15 Open Doubles Freestyle Qualifications 13:00 Open Single Freestyle Qualifications 14:00 Shred 30 14:30 Sick 3 / Big One 15:00 Request Contest 18:00 Dinner all Finals @ Triebwerk 19:00 Intermediate Finals 19:30 Open Women Finals 20:00 YoYo Finals 20:30 Breakdance Show 21:00 Open Doubles Finals 21:30 Open Single Finals 22:30 Award Ceremony 22:45 Fireshow 23:00 DJ Lineup Sunday ------- @Stadtpark Wiener Neustadt 11:00 Picnic 13:00 Circle Competition 14:00 Shred & Spike and saying Goodbyes ====== Netbag courts will be provided for Saturday and Sunday! Tournament will be held on Saturday OR Sunday or even BOTH days depending on the amount of people registered - more to be announced. ======
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