End of Winter Jam

Tournament Results

End of Winter Jam


Szymon Kalwak

Alias: ners@footbag.org
Site(s) TBA
Wroclaw/Strzelin, Poland
Events Offered:
Request Contest, Letter Contest, 2-Square and a lot more!

Manually Entered Results

Sick 3:
1. Olaf Piwowar (Fusion > Food Processor > Marius)
2. Rafał Kaleta (Bedwetter > Plasma > PS Torque)
3. Marcin Kałczor (Phoenix > Ripped Warrior > PS Whirl)
4. Marcin Bujko (Ripwarrior > Blurry Whirl > Spinning Pdx Whirl)
5. Michał Ostrowski (Phoenix > Pdx Torque > PS Whirl)
6. Bartosz Bubula (Ripwarrior > Fog > Fusion)
7. Wojciech Jamski (Blurry Whirl > Whirling Swirl > Superfly)
8. Radek Turek (Ripwarrior > Ripwalk > Whirr)
9. Marcin Staroń (Blur > Legbeater > Barfly, Blizzard > Legbeater > Blurriest)
10. Paweł Cisek (Merlin > Dada Curve > Crispy Torque)

Request Contest:
1. Bartosz Bubula
2. Tomek Ostrowski
3. Radek Turek

Circle Contest:
1. Marcin Bujko
2. Wiktor Dębski
3. Bartosz Bubula
4. Tomek Ostrowski

Letter Contest:
1. Olaf Piwowar
2. Michał Ostrowski
3. Wiktor Dębski

2 Square:
1. Wiktor Dębski
2. Michał Ostrowski
3. Wojciech Jamski i Marcin Staroń  

It's time to say goodbye to winter! PSF and DST will be happy to host all footbag enthusiasts on the End of Winter Jam, it should be a fun weekend full of kicking and shredding.

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