Todexon 10

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Todexon 10


Jan Struz

Phone: (00420) 603 435 677
Husinec 47, Rez
Czech Republic

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Klub L?vka
Praha, Czech Republic
Events Offered:
Open Singles Freestyle, Women Singles Freestyle Open Doubles Freestyle, Intermediate
Singles Freestyle

Results for Todexon 10 (2009)

Open Singles Routines:

  1. Václav Klouda (Czech Republic)
  2. Milan Benda (Czech Republic)
  3. Marcin Bujko (Poland)
  4. Jorden Moir (Canada)
  5. Damian Gielnicki (Poland)
  6. Krystof Malér (Czech Republic)
  7. Szymon Kalwak (Poland)
  8. Rafal Kaleta (Poland)
  9. Wiktor Debski (Poland)
  9. Dan Ednie (Australia)
  9. Tina Aeberli (Switzerland)
  9. Olaf Piwowar (Canada)
  13. Tomasz Ostrowski (Poland)
  13. Michal Ostrowski (Poland)
  13. Jan Struz (Czech Republic)
  13. Jind Smola (Czech republic)
  13. Jindra Smola (Czech Republic)
  13. Jindra Smola (Czech Republic)
  17. Alexander Trenner (Austria)
  17. Christoph Larndorfer (Austria)
  17. Tomas Solc (Czech Republic)
  17. Karel Hák (Czech Republic)
  21. Slava Sidorin (Czech Republic)
  21. Pawel Cisek (Poland)
  21. Arek Hutnik (Poland)
  21. Marcin Staroń (Poland)
  24. Markus Hemmer (Germany)

Women's Singles Routines:

  1. Tina Aeberli (Switzerland)
  2. Jana Riisalo (Czech Republic)
  3. Hanna Mickiewicz (Poland)

Manually Entered Results

Open Singles Freestyle
1. Václav Klouda (CZ)
2. Milan Benda (CZ)
3. Marcin Bujko (PL)
4. Jorden Moir (CAN)
5. Damian Gielnicki (PL)
6. Krystof Malér (CZ)
7. Szymon Kalwak (PL)
8. Rafal Kaleta (PL)
9.-12. Wiktor Debski (PL)
9.-12. Tina Aeberli (SW)
9.-12. Dan Ednie (AU)
9.-12. Olaf Piwowar (PL)
13.-16. Jindrich Smola (CZ)
13.-16. Michal Ostrowski (PL)
13.-16. Dexter (CZ)
13.-16. Tomasz Ostrowski (PL)
17.-20. Alexander Trenner (AT)
17.-20. Christoph Larndorfer (AT)
17.-20. Tomas Solc (CZ)
17.-20. Karel Hak (CZ)
21.-23. Arek Hutnik
21.-23. Slawa Sidorin
21.-23. Pawel Cisek
21.-23. Marcin Staron
24. Marcus Hemmer

Women Singles
1. Tina Aeberli
2. Jana Sassáková
3. Hania Mickiewicz

Intermediate Freestyle
1. Tomás Daněk
2. Dominik Knoll
3. Vojtěch Krůta

Open Doubles Freestyle
1. Tomas Tucek - Martin Sladek
2. Szymon Kalwak - Damian Gielnicki
3. Jana Sassakova - Dan Ednie

The 10th anniversary: Todexon - godfather of freestyle
Event Details:

Klub Lavka - A multiarea with theater, restaurant, cafe and nightlife
with a marvelous view on the old town, nd the Prague Castle. Situated
on water right next to the Charles Bridge gives Todexon 10 a perfect
venue for its celebration. For the qualification rounds we will the
the whole theatre room cleared and players will perform on a lighted
and well sounded stage. For finals the whole area will be full of
chairs for people to sit on as in a therater., Adress:
Novotneho lavka 1, 110 00, Praha 1

Special Guests:

Jorden Moir, Tina Aeberli

Registration fee:

450,- CZK includes: T-shirt, footbag, PF socks, special TDX.X.
Sticker, Redbull, breakfast and dinner on saturday, all day water and
fruits, entrance to the party (normaly 150CZK)

Registration through will be available soon.


18.00-22.00 Gym 3, Tyrsuv dum, Vsehrdova street at Ujezd
Players meeting, Late registration, Footbag Jam

Klub Lavka, Novotneho Lavka 1, 110 00, Praha 1

10.00 - 11.00 Players meeting, breakfast on location
11.00 - 12.00 Intermediate Qualification
12.30 - 13.00 Women Qualification
13.00 - 15.00 Open and Doubles Qualification
15.30 - 16.00 Intermediate Final
16.00 - 17.00 Open Semifinal
17.00 - 18.30 Food break, on location
19.00 - 20.00 Doubles, Women and Open Finals
20.10 - 20.25 Awards Ceremony
22.00 - xx.xx Party with shred room (no smoking)

Gym - to be announced

13.00 - 18.00 Gym Shred, Various other disciplines


We are searching for a good deal on a close-by hostel, but you all
probably know how the accomodation works in Prague so don't count 100
percent on our skills and work on your own also please.

Looking forward on seeing you all once again in prague for a weekend
of good time.
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