Frankfurt Footbag Open - *Bembel Cup 2009*

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Frankfurt Footbag Open - *Bembel Cup 2009*


Phil Schaefer


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Frankfurt, Germany
Events Offered:
Open Double Net 
Open Cash Game Golf 

Manually Entered Results

Frankfurt Footbag Open - Bembel Cup 2009 - results:

Open Double Net

1. Luke Legault / Gilles Demers
2. Andreas Wolff / Ulli Haase
3. Florian Goetze / Hannes Daniel
4. Thomas Förster / Yassin Khateeb
5. François Pelletier / Renaud Fanoni
6. Phil Schaefer / Chris Löw
7. Ales Pelko / Jake Stare
8. Yves Archambault / Tuan Vu
9. Eurik Lindner / Markus Kaspczak
10. Amaya Straeten / Yannik Rockel
11. Miquel Clemente / Hakan Hellberg
12. Markus Portenkirchner / Tammo Rockel
13. Sébastien Duchesne / Karim Daouk
14. Manuel Kruse / Simon Voss
15. Maude Landreville / Geneviève Bousquet
16. Justin Eichenlaub / Eduard Noel
17. Lena Mlakar / Irena Marc
18. Errol Stryker / Christian Bruhn
19. Lisa Uebele / Kerstin Anhuth
20. David Fujimura / Alexander Bartsch
21. Yves Mingard / Alain Custovic
22. Helena Schlichting / Martin Fabriz

Open Cash Game Golf 

1. Hakan Hellberg
2. KV aka Thorsten Schäfer
3. Renaud Fanoni 

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Event Details:
In 2009, the SG Frankfurt Footbag e.V. proudly presents the revival of the
famous Frankfurt Footbag Open, revamped and renamed ? 
introducing the ?Bembel Cup? to the Footbag universe!

As official IFPA Tournament we hereby invite all net players around the globe
to take part in a new era of Frankfurt-Style Footbag Challenge.

The Bembel Cup is an Open Net Challenge Cup which will be passed on by the
winners from year to year. Be there on your way to the worlds 2009 in Berlin -
we await the best of the best!
Within the next years our goal is to establish the most highly qualified and
ambitious Open Net Tournament in Europe.

The Bembel Cup is a price-money tournament! This year, the winning team will
receive a three-digit amount of Euros, the exact price money will be
determined shortly.

Freestylers: Sorry, this year we will not be able to host a tournament for
you, but you are welcome to show your skills on site.

This years location is the Brentanobad ? Europe?s largest and definitely
Frankfurt?s most famous open air pool ? a perfect net location with a 
complete infrastructure and loads of spectators.
6 net courts and a centre-court will be ready for action.
All registered players will have free access to this beautiful?and
refreshing?site which is located between lush, old and green parks.
Over the following years, our goal is to host the most ambitious Open Net
Tournament in Europe?so the message goes out to the best players throughout
the world:

Be there and be the first to get your names engraved into the Bembel Cup!

For further information please check the website:
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