Funtastik Summer Classic Footbag Tournament

Tournament Results

Funtastik Summer Classic Footbag Tournament


Brenda Marie Solonoski

Phone: 717-979-5620 cell
7821 Jefferson St.
Hummelstown, PA
Morrison Park (alias Sunshine) & Forrester & Front Sts, Harrisburg, PA
Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, USA
Events Offered:
Net, Freestyle, Golf, Skills Contests, Iron Man, Super Man, 
Freestyle Shred, Service Poaching

Results for Funtastik Summer Classic Footbag Tournament (2008)

Open Singles Routines:

  1. David Clavens (USA)
  2. Gordon Bevier (USA)
  3. Ken Somolinos (USA)
  4. Ryan Thomas (USA)
  5. Jonathan Schneider (USA)
  6. Scott Davidson (USA)
  7. Daniel Greer (USA)
  8. Drew Martin (USA)

Manually Entered Results

Wow, the 23rd annual Funtastik Summer Classic Tournament is now chalked up 
into the history books.  The announcement was made that there are plans for a 
24th & 25th with the 25th being the last one.   So, let this be notice, that if 
you have always wanted to come to a Summer Classic and have not made it in the 
past 23 years, you have a 2 year deadline.

Competitors from across the USA and Canada played preliminary net matches on 
Saturday under cloud cover, thus no major sunburns this year!  A special thanks 
to Hall of Fame inductee, Vince Bradley for his tireless efforts overseeing the 
net and freestyle events.  Another Hall of Fame inductee, Dan Botkin juggled 
his time between playing net games, teaching how to sew footbags and treating 
everyone to his home grown goodies and flowers.  (Thanks Dan!!) 

The Hall of Fame Ceremony on Sunday night inducted Vince Bradley, James 
Roberts, Martin Cote and Dan Botkin.  Randy Mulder was unable to attend, but 
was not forgotten.  Thank you to the present Hall of Fame members and to 
everyone else who attended this wonderfully super special event for honoring 
the history of Footbag along with the history and hard work of the inductees.

Sunday and Monday were picture perfect days, thus great for playing footbag.  
The Finals events on Monday started out with Jim Hankins outscoring Joe 
Solonoski to take first in the Master?s net event.  The crew from Montreal 
dominated the singles and double net events lead by JF Lemuix who claimed first 
place in singles and second place in doubles net with Hall of Fame member 
Martin Cote. (Welcome back Martin!!!)

 The skills contests provided entertainment besides highlighted the great golf 
shots necessary to win Superman and Ironman.  Newly inducted Hall of Fame 
member and first time Summer Classic participant, James Roberts, did not take 
home any footbag titles, but he was deemed ?King of Duel?.  The celebrity 
judges for Service Poaching were tempted with bare chests and a strip tease, 
but to no avail.  Jamie Lepley?s Chunky Monkey was a crowd pleaser, but Erroll 
Styker dominated with his consistent top scores.  As Hall of Fame members, 
Steve Goldberg and Peter Irish were part of the finals freestyle judges? panel, 
the crowd was treated to a super freestyle show which included two dropless 
finals routines by Ken Somolinos and David Clavin. 

Lots of money and merchandise prizes were awarded after which came the 
heartfelt farewells.  Many people enjoyed the food, beverage and fellowship at 
the Appalachian Brewery for a few hours followed by those competitors leaving 
on Tuesday, converging for a party/sleepover at the tournament directors? house.

A BIG thanks goes out to our staff, who we totally appreciate and could not do 
without- Vince Bradley, Rob McCloskey, Jack Lentz, PJ Daigle, Jamie Lepley, 
Julian Solonoski & Kama Peck.  A huge THANKS goes out to our sponsors- 
Funtastik, Jack Lentz, World Footbag Association, Vince Bradley, Pro Kicker, 
Harrisburg Holiday Inn & Convention Center, Harrisburg Parks & Recreation 
Department and IFPA.

          23rd Annual
   AUGUST 30, 31 & SEPTEMBER 1, 2008
 $1840 cash & $1280 merchandise prizes

PRO SINGLE NET                                              
1. JF Lemiux	      $275                                        
2  Luc Legault	      $135 			
3. Martin Cote	       $50  		  	                 
4. Gilles Demers       $25                                       
5. Dominic O?Brien     prize
6. Stepane Tailleur
7. Jeremy Walter
8. Greg Nice
9. Jamie Lepley
10.Dan Greer
11.Joe Solonoski
12.Rob McCloskey
13.Erroll Stryker

1. Legault/Demers       $250                                                   
2. Lemiux/Martin        $100
3  Nice/Erroll		$50
4. O?Brien/ Tailleur    prize
5. Roberts/Hawkins
6. Walters/Greer
7. Bradley/Intemann
8. Bousquet/Daigle
9. Solonoski/McCloskey
PRO FREESTYLE- SINGLE                             
1.David Clavens $275                                                      
2.Scott Bevier  $140                                                           
3.Ken Somolinos $100	                     
4.Ryan Thomas    $40                                                            
5.Jonathan Schneider  prize  
6.Scott Davidson      prize 
7.Dan Greer
1.Jamie Lepley      Prize
2.James Roberts     Prize

IRON MAN- Gilles Demers              $100       
FREESTYLE SHRED- G. Scott Bevier     $100       
SERVICE POACHING- Errol Stryker     $100   
SUPERMAN- Ben Kellman      	     $100    

1. Jim Hankins
2. Joe Solonoski
3. Mark Hunsburger
4. Ted Fritsch  
5. Dan Johnson
5. Rob McCloskey
7. Jack Lentz
8. PJ Daigle

AMATEUR SINGLES NET -Prizes                       
1. Ted Fritsch
2. Mark Hunsberger			     
3. Jack Lentz			
4. Dan Botkin
5. Phil Norrod
6. Dan Johnson
7. Matt Evans                            
1.J. Lentz/M. Hunsberger
2.T. Fritsch/P. Norrod
3.D. Johnson/A.Dukes
4.K. Somolinos/K. David 
1.Andrew Bohlin
2.Ted Fritsch
3.Pierre Riviera

Related Photos:
With over 22 years of tournament history, the Funtastik Summer Classic is the perfect tournament/festival to attend on the east coast to wind down your summer with a super FUN time. This tournament/festival is part of a three day festival in downtown Harrisburg called Kipona, which attracts thousands of people. There is always plenty of circle kicking and four square play for everyone, no matter what age or ability. There are always total beginners to regining World Champions at this event. Come to watch, compete, learn, hang out, or just to see what the heck is going on. This event could possibly be the highlight of your summer and/or year!
Event Details:
Preregistration guarantees a player's pack.  Can be done by mail, email
or in person to Brenda Solonoski or Funtastik. Registration will be available
on Friday night from 8pm to 11pm at the Holiday Inn hotel.   Payment MUST
accompany registration form in either check, cash (US dollar only) or credit

There is a $2 fee for credit card transactions.

FOOTBAG NET- The pool format- 2 out of 3 games to 11 
points. Semi final & final games- 2 out of 3 games to 15 
points changing sides at 8 points. Must win by two points 
in all games. This format is subject to change. 

FOOTBAG FREESTYLE- Time limit Pro- 2 min, Amateurs- 1:30, 
Novice- 1 min. Competitors might be required to judge. Hand 
in your music and introduction card before the event & pick 
it up after your turn. 

FOOTBAG GOLF- One 9 hole round of golf will be played that 
follows the standard footbag golf rules. 

SKILLS CONTESTS- $7 ($10 if not entered in tournament) 
Winner takes all basis. 2007 champions get a bye to finals 

FREESTYLE SHRED- 45 sec. max, most adds win, no choreography, generic music.
Rules- 1. Shred till you drop 2. 3 drops & you are done 3. Cannot do same
trick more than 5 times in a row 4. The top 3 make it to finals Yes, your
routine will be video taped to verify adds.

SERVICE POACHING- This is a two-person event. Preliminary 
rounds- the most blocks win. Final round- highest 
accumulative score from judges win. 1. Service block must 
occur at the net. 2. Blocker must be airborne to count. 3. 
The top 3 make it to finals. 

IRON MAN- The best time wins. Any drop in consecutive or 
toe delays, must restart from the beginning. 1. 100 
consecutive kicks, 10 toe delays, 1 around the world with 
each foot, golf accuracy shots, 1 net service & 1 set & 
spike (airborne contact above net required) 2. Two footbags 
allowed. 3. Body contact is allowed during golf shots. 4. 
The top 3 make it to finals. 

SUPER MAN- Completion of tasks in the best time wins. 40 
adds, 50 consecutives, net serve to gladiator until scoring 
a point, receive gladiator serve until scoring a point & 3 
various golf shots done within 4 mins. 1. Seconds added to 
score equal to distance 2. Any golf shot made cancels out 
distance from longest miss. 3. Net footbag must be used 
during net portion. 

Tentative Schedule

SAT.  MORRISON (SUNSHINE) PARK, Cameron (Rt 230)& Herr Sts. Harrisburg, Pa.
9am -Late registration/early reg. player pack pick up
10am -Preliminary Singles Net rounds
2pm  -Preliminary Doubles Net rounds
4pm  -Novice Singles Net finals
5pm  -Novice Doubles Net finals
6pm  -Service Poaching- qualifying
8pm- 11:59PM- social/shred- Harrisburg Holiday Inn 

SUN. New Cumberland Park, New Cumberland, Pa  ***TENTATIVE***
8:30 am- golf  9 holes

SUN. FRONT & FORRESTER STS, (Harvey Taylor Bridge) Harrisburg, Pa.
11am -Singles & Doubles Net continues 
     -Amateur Singles Finals
12pm -Amateur Doubles Net Finals 
1pm  -Iron Man, Super Man & Shred
3-5pm -Freestyle Singles
      -Singles & Doubles Pro Net SemiFinals
      -Consolation net matches        
      -Amateur Freestyle Finals
9:30pm- 10:30pm- HAll of FAME INDUCTION CEREMONY- Harrisburg Holiday Inn 
8pm- 11:59pm- social/shred-  Harrisburg Holiday Inn 

10am   -consolation net
11am   -Masters singles net finals
11am   -pro singles 3rd place final
NOON   -Pro Singles Net Finals
1pm    -Skills Contest Finals
2pm    -Pro Doubles Net Finals
2pm    -pro doubles 3rd place final
3pm    -Pro Singles Freestyle Finals  
5pm    -Awards Ceremony at site
6:30   -Open Party/dinner at Appalachian Brewery Co. upstairs at sports bar.
    50 Cameron St.(Rt 230) Harrisburg, PA. (A couple blocks from Morrison Park)

MONETARY & PRIZE DONATIONS- are always needed and 
gratefully accepted.  Please send or make contributions payable to 
Funtastik, c/o Summer Classic, 18 W. Main St.  
Mechanicsburg, Pa 17055. 

HOST HOTEL-  Holiday Inn Hotel and Conference Center- 148 Sheraton Drive, New
Cumberland, PA - convieniently located off Rt #83 & PA turnpike, just south of
Harrisburg 717-774-2721 or 1-888-865-3399 About 15- 20 minutes to the tournament
sites. Discounted rate of $79 plus tax per night when reservation IS MADE BY
August 15,2008 and "Footbag tournament" is mentioned.  

Our group sales contact at the hotel is Kirsha Greiner Damone  717-774-2721.

Four person/room maximum.

Limited number of rooms, so call now and reserve.

Deluxe rooms with hi-spped wireless, indoor pool, & jacuzzi, fitness center,
free airport shuttle and Award Winning Elephant & Castle Restaurant.  Gas
stations and other eateries within walking distance.

Camping- Harrisburg East- 1134 Highspire Blvd, Hbg (off Rt 283) 717-939-4331
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