French Footbag Championships 2008

Tournament Results

French Footbag Championships 2008


Miquel Clemente

Phone: 00(+33) 4 67 47 54 97
11 rue de la Gare
St. Jean De Vedas
Site(s) TBA
Marseille, France
Host Club:
Events Offered:
All Net and Freestyle event

Results for French Footbag Championships (2008)

Open Singles Routines:

  1. Serge Kaldany (France)
  2. Jeremy Masselis (France)
  3. Tom Sustrac (France)
  5. Grischa Tellenbach (Switzerland)

Manually Entered Results

En double net :

1. Grischa Tellenbach / Vincent Rousseau 
2. Nicolas De Zeeuw / Miquel Clemente 
3. Lino Landau / Marc Brunet 
4. Mouss Kabbal / Olivier Baillon 
5. Ludovic Lacaze / Serge Kaldany 
6. Noora Plattonen / Guillaume Degat 
7. Johanna Nigisch / Thomas Sustrac 
8. Fred Touzelet / Jeremy Masselis 

En single net :

1. Miquel Clemente 
2. Vincent Rousseau 
3. Arthur Ledain 
4. Grischa Tellenbach 
5. Mouss Kabbal 
6. Olivier Baillon 
7. Thomas Sustrac 
8. Nicolas De Zeeuw (s) 
9. Guillaume Degat 
10. Johanna Nigisch 
11. Noora Plattonen 
12. Barthélémy Garcia 
13. Jeremy Masselis 

en single Freestyle :

1 Serge Kaldany
2e Jeremi Masselis 
3e Tom Sustrac 
4e Hanna nigish
5e Grischa Tellenbach

Event Details:
Single net will be on Friday
Double net and all Freestyle on Saturday
It will take place on la plage du Prado in Marseille / France during a big 
event called "Jours de Sport" 
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