YEAH 2007!!

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YEAH 2007!!


Chris John Dean

Portland, OR
December 30, 2007-January 1, 2008
Rochester Institute of Technology
Rochester, New York, USA
Events Offered:
Circle Competition, Big 3, Sick Trick, and others if there is demand.
This is the second Year End Annual Hackathon!! Just like last year, we will have a shred spot, world class freestylers, and a rocking party full of wonder and excitement to bring in the new year.
Event Details:
Please use the link to the Modified forum to ask questions and see the lastest
updates and discussion on the event.  This will be your best resource.

If you need to contact me directly, call 585.905.314 or send me an instant
message using AIM: "THE chris dean". Also you can email me.

Contact us personally to get a place to crash.  Facilities are limited, and if
space runs out we will provide hotel info.

The party spot will be at Paul Agostinelli's house, and our freestyle venue
will be nearby on the RIT campus.  Addresses and directions will be posted soon.


Sunday, Dec 30:
Arrival & all day shred. Relax for the evening :)

Monday Dec 31:
The Big Day. Friendly competition with prizes, starting mid-afternoon.  Play
footbag into the evening, then PARTY!!!!

Tuesday Jan 1:
You guessed it. Wake and shred.
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