Zocha Jam 2007

Tournament Results

Zocha Jam 2007


Szymon Kalwak

Alias: ners@footbag.org

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Inwest Sport Complex
Wroclaw, Poland
Events Offered:
Open Singles Net, Open Doubles Net, Intermediate Freestyle,
Women Freestyle, Open Freestyle, Doubles Freestyle, 
Sick3, Most Rippin Run, Circle Contest, 4 Square, Footbag 

Results for Zocha Jam (2007)

Open Singles Routines:

  1. Damian Gielnicki (Poland)
  2. Arkadiusz Dudzinski (Poland)
  3. Maciej Bujko (Poland)

Women's Singles Routines:

  1. Hanna Mickiewicz (Poland)
  2. Sylwia Kocyk (Poland)
  3. Agata Piesiewicz (Poland)

Open Shred:30:

  1. Marcin Bujko (Poland)
  2. Damian Gielnicki (Poland)
  3. Arkadiusz Dudzinski (Poland)

Open Sick 3-Trick:

  1. Damian Gielnicki (Poland)
  2. Arkadiusz Dudzinski (Poland)
  3. Marcin Bujko (Poland)

Open Circle Contest:

  1. Damian Gielnicki (Poland)
  2. Marcin Bujko (Poland)
  3. Yves Kreil (Germany)

Manually Entered Results

Open Singles Net:
1. Toni Fritsch GER
2. Yves Kreil GER
3. Ville Laakso FIN

Open Doubles Net:
1. Toni Fritsch & Yves Kreil GER
2. Ville Laakso & Damian Budzik FIN/PL
3. Jan Struz & Pavel Cerveny CZ

Open Women Freestyle:
1. Hania Mickiewicz PL
2. Sylwia Kocyk PL
3. Agata Piesiewicz PL

Open Singles Freestyle:
1. Damian Gielnicki PL
2. Arek Dudziński PL
3. Marcin Bujko PL

Open Doubles Freestyle:
1. Jan Struz & Pavel Cerveny CZ
2. Damian Gielnicki & Kuba Grabarczyk PL
3. Yves Kreil & Toni Fritsch GER

Open Shred30:
1. Marcin Bujko PL
2. Damian Gielnicki PL
3. Arek Dudziński PL

Open Sick3:
1. Damian Gielnicki PL (Blurry Drifter > Spinning Pdx DLO > Tapping Torque)
2. Arek Dudziński PL (Fury > Reactor > Whirlwind)
3. Marcin Bujko PL (Janiwalker > Food Processor > Mobius)

Most Rippin Run:
1. Damian Gielnicki PL
2. Arek Dudziński PL
3. Marcin Bujko PL

Circle Contest:
1. Damian Gielnicki PL
2. Marcin Bujko PL
3. Yves Kreil DE

4 Square:
1. Szymon Kałwak PL
2. Jakob Wagner DE
3. Wiktor Dębski PL

Footbag Golf:
1. Jan Struz CZ
2. Pavel Cerveny CZ
3. Łukasz Krysiewicz PL

The Polish Footbag Association would like to invite everyone to the annual Zocha Jam event. It will take place in the Inwest Sport Complex on 8th and 9th of December. Just like last year, we expect the highest competition level and gathering players of Polish, and European footbag scenes. As to this moment, we have received positive messages from the Czech and German crews, so we should see them represent during the tournament. If you consider visiting Poland, think no further - Zocha Jam is the place to be!

Venue Adress:
Inwest Sport Gym
Kozanowska Street 69

Main fee Open 20PLN [6 EURO] intermediate 15PLN [4 EURO]
+ 5 PLN [1.50 EUR] each additional category


Saturday 08.12.07

10.00-11.30 Registration

12.00-14.00 Open Singles Net qualifications
14.00-16.00 Open Doubles Net qualifications
16.00-17.00 Open Singles Net semifinals
17.00-18.00 Open Doubles Net semifinals

12.00-12.40 Intermediate Freestyle qualifications
12.45-14.00 Open Freestyle qualifications
14.10-14.30 Shred 30 s.
14.40-15.05 Intermediate Freestyle finals
15.10-15.40 Open Doubles Freestyle finals
15.45-16.10 Woman Freestyle finals
16.20-17.00 Open Freestyle finals
17.10-17.40 Most Rippin Run
18.00-18.30 Sick3
18.45-19:00 Award Ceremony

Sunday 09.12.07

12.00-14.00 Open Singles Net finals
14.00-15.00 Open Doubles Net finals
12.00-14.00 Open Golf

14.00-15.00 Circle Contest
15.00-17.00 4 Square
17.30- Award Ceremony



Registration Tourist House ?TRIO?
ul. Trzemeska 4, 53-679 Wroclaw
tel./fax. 0 71 355-94-46
tel. 0 71 355-29-31 in line.405
e-mail: trzemeska@puhot.pl

Registration Tourist House ?SOLO?
ul. Kwiska 1/3, 54-210 Wroclaw
tel. 0 71 351-70-11 or 351-63-07
e-mail: kwiska@puhot.pl
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