U.S. Open Footbag Championships

Tournament Results

U.S. Open Footbag Championships


Christopher Michael Siebert

Alias: conan@footbag.org
Phone: 540-229-9865
Charlottesville, VA
Willamette Park and Pioneer Courthouse Square, Portland
Portland, Oregon, USA
Host Club:
Events Offered:
Footbag Net and Freestyle events

Results for U.S. Open Footbag Championships (2008)

Open Singles Routines:

  1. David Clavens (USA)
  2. Jim Penske (USA)
  3. Lon Smith (USA)
  4. Ken Somolinos (USA)
  5. Gordon Bevier (USA)
  6. Nick Landes (USA)
  7. Justin Dale (USA)
  8. Daryl Genz (USA)

Women's Singles Routines:

  1. Caroline Bourgoin (Canada)
  2. Ashley Danowski (USA)
  3. Sunny Freeman Genz (USA)
  4. Adrienne Dukes (USA)
  5. Shawnell Tolliver (USA)

Open Shred:30:

  1. David Clavens (USA)
  2. Jim Penske (USA)
  3. Gordon Bevier (USA)

Open Sick 3-Trick:

  1. Jim Penske (USA)
  2. Gordon Bevier (USA)
  3. Nick Landes (USA)
  4. Lon Smith (USA)

Open Sick Trick:

  1. Justin Dale (USA)
  2. Ken Somolinos (USA)
  3. Nick Landes (USA)

Open Circle Contest:

  1. David Clavens (USA)
  2. Lon Smith (USA)
  3. Jim Penske (USA)
  4. Gordon Bevier (USA)

Women's Shred:30:

  1. Ashley Danowski (USA)
  2. Sunny Freeman Genz (USA)
  3. Caroline Bourgoin (Canada)

Manually Entered Results

2008 IFPA U.S. Open Footbag Championships official results
Portland, Oregon

Over 70 total registered players, roughly half freestyle and half net.  
Great event!  Check us out next year.

Freestyle Results:

Intermediate Big Trick 

1. Alex Bernstein (PS Whirl, Whirlwind, Montage) 
2. Alex Dworetzky (Superfly) 
3. Matt Mclaren (Dimwalk Swirl) 
4. Steve Cline (Phoenix, Paradox Whirl) 
5. Eric Chang (Budda Beater, Stepping Op. Osis, Ducking Osising Walkover) 
6. Rob Creel (Pardon) 
7. Jeff Mudd (N/A) 

Women's Big Trick 

1. Ashley Danowski (Blurry Whirl) 
2. Caro Bouroin (Paradox Drifter, Matador) 
3. Sunny Freeman Genz (Paradon, Legbeater, Double Pick Up, Blur) 
4. Shawnell Tolliver (Dyno, Double Around the World) 

Open Big Trick 

1. Justin Dale (Alpine Food Processor) 
2. Ken Somolinos (Your Mom) 
3. Nick Landes (Nuclear Paradox Torque) 

Intermediate Sick 3 

1. Alex Bernstein (Blurry Whirl-PS Whirl- Spinning Osis) 
2. Rob Creel (Mirage-Paradon-Dyno) 
3. Alex Dworetzky (Spinning Clipper-Infinity- Ducking Clipper 
4. Eric Chang (Clipper-Clipper-Infinity) 

Women's Sick 3 

1. Sunny Freeman Genz (Paradon-Paradox Mirage-Paradon 
2. Shawnell Tolliver (DLO-Toe Sall-Double Around the World) 
3. Ashley/Caro (Tie, nothing hit) 

Open Sick 3 

1. Jim Penske (Fission-Pixie Double Down-PS Whirling Swirl, Whirly
Gig-Spender-Food Processor) 
2. Scott Bevier (Sumo-Massacre-Blackula) 
3. Nick Landes (Fairy Ducking Butterfly-Lotus-Spender) 
4. Lon Smith (Blurry Torque-PS Whirl-Whirlwind) 

Intermediate Shred 30: 

1. Alex Bernstein (124.96) 
2. Jeff Mudd (95.2) 
3. Eric Chang (84) 

Women's Shred 30: 

1. Ashley Danowski (71.11) 
2. Sunny Freeman Genz (60.30) 
3. Caro Bourgoin (55.04) 

Open Shred 30: 

1. David Clavens (252) 
2. Jim Penske (215.25) 
3. Scott Bevier (196) 

Rippin' Run: 

1. David Clavens 
2. Justin Dale 
3. Daryl Genz 


1. David Clavens 
2. Lon Smith 
3. Jim Penske 
4. Scott Bevier 

Intermediate Routines: 

1. Alex Bernstein 
2. Alex Dworetzky 
3. Jeff Mudd 

Alex Bernstein is the Intermediate US Footbag Champion 

Women's Routines: 

1. Caro Bourgoin 
2. Ashley Danowski 
3. Sunny Freeman Genz 
4. Adrienne Dukes 
5. Shawnell Tolliver 

Caro Bourgoin is the Women's US Footbag Champion 

Open Routines 

1. David Clavens 
2. Jim Penske 
3. Lon Smith 
4. Ken Somolinos 
5. Scott Bevier 
6. Nick Landes 
7. Justin Dale 
8. Daryl Genz 

David Clavens is the US Footbag Champion!

Net Results:

Open Singles Net: (17 players)

1. Kenny Shults
2. Chris Siebert
3. David Bernard III
4. Eric Wulff
5. Walt Houston
6. Jack Harris
7. Rob Adams
8. Tuan Vu
9. Ken Hamric
10. Jeremy Mirken
11. Ben Alston
12. Dave Robinson
13. Sam Gregory
14. Sage Woodmansee
15. Kevin Fura
16. Chris Cleaver
17. Mike Stephanelli

Open Doubles Net: (11 Teams)

1. Chris Siebert/David Bernard III
2. Kenny Shults/Steve Dusablon
3. Eric Wulff/Jack Harris
4. Tuan Vu/Jeremy Mirken
5. Ben Alston/Walt Houston
6. Ken Hamric/Dave Robinson
7. E.J. Gammage/Sage Woodmansee
8. Kevin Fura/Sean Fura
9. Sam Gregory/Chris Cleaver
10. Rob Adams/Eric Sorensen
11. Mike Stephanelli/Steve Goldberg

Intermediate Singles Net: (13 players)

1. Sean Fura
2. Kenneth Godfrey
3. "Crazy" Mike Craig
4. Brett Milliken
5. Robert Creel
6. Nick Rettinger
7. Michelle Chen
8. Alex Watkins
9. Jason Ausmus
10. Frederick _
11. Jasper Shults
12. Matt Emmings
13. Zach Lasimore

Intermediate Doubles Net: (6 teams)
1. Chris "Shoes" Hughes/Brett _
2. Nick Rettinger/Kenneth Godfrey 
3. Michelle Chen/Francois Leh
4. "Crazy" Mike Craig/Brett Milliken
5. Alex Watkins/Jasper Shults
6. Matt Emmings/Zach Lasimore

*Please contact us if you see any errors*

Footbag was born in Oregon in 1972, and Portland will once again host the US Open Footbag Championships!
Event Details:
Dates are final.  Make your plans now.  You haven't experienced a footbag summer
until you've been to the Northwest!  Everyone welcome.

Beautiful waterfront park has been reserved.  Flat playing fields right on the
river and close to downtown.  Grocery and shopping center one block away.

Freestyle finals will again be in the heart of downtown at Pioneer Courthouse
Square.  This is the kicking mecca in Portland.
Net site will be improved with tighter layout as we move to the lower, shadier field.

Entry Fees:  (apologies for the necessary fee increases)

Open:  $50
Women's:  $35
Intermediate:  $35
Novice:  $5


Demos and casual circle kicking at Pioneer Square starting about 2:00pm.  Contact Red
Husted for info.
Net pick-up games at site to be determined.  Contact Chris Siebert for info.

6:00 ? 10:00pm:  Registration Party at the home of Kendall KIC and Kenny Shults
3550 SW Kanan Drive
Portland, OR  97221


*All events at Willamette Park, Portland:


*please note $3 parking fee at Willamette Park*

Registration for all Open and Intermediate events closes at noon!!

Picnic and BBQ on site at Willamette Park picnic shelter beginning about 3:30pm.

NOVICE kicker freestyle and Foot-C clinics throughout the day.  See event staff for info.

NET Event Schedule (may change based on number of entrants):

*Singles Net:  Player?s meeting and Open matches begin promptly at 10am.  
Open Singles Net players must be checked in by 9am.  
Open Singles Net format will be single elimination this year.

10:00am ? 1:00pm:  Singles Net 
1:30pm ? 5:00pm:  Doubles Net 
5:30pm ? 8:00pm:  Mixed Doubles Net

No meal breaks scheduled, eat when you can.  Schedule must push forward.

*All net players who are eliminated are encouraged to play off for ranking in the final

FREESTYLE Event Schedule:

1:00pm Intermediate Shred 30 (one round)
1:30pm Women's Shred 30 (one round)
1:45pm Open Shred 30 (one round)

2:00pm Intermediate Big Trick (one round)
2:15pm Women's Big Trick (one round)

2:30pm Intermediate Big Three (one round)
2:45pm Women's Big Three (one round)
3:00pm Open Big Three (one round)

4:00pm Intermediate Routines (one round)
4:30pm Womens Routines, first round
5:00pm Open Routines, first round

6:00pm Circle (Open only)


Willamette Park Schedule:

NOVICE kicker freestyle and Foot-C clinics throughout the day.  See event staff for info.

NET Event Schedule (may change based on number of entrants):

10:30am:  Singles Net playoffs
12:30pm:  Doubles Net playoffs
2:30pm:  Mixed Doubles playoffs
4:00pm:  Mixed Doubles final
5:00pm:  Open Doubles final
6:00pm:  Singles final

FREESTYLE Event Schedule:

Event main stage at Pioneer Courthouse Square: 


1:00pm Rippin' Run (open only)
1:30pm Big Trick (Open)

2:00pm Womens Routines, finals
2:30 Open Routines, finals
Awards Ceremony

Water Temple Shred, travel day

Accommodations and Hotel Info:

Housing questions?  Contact one of the directors for details.

Portland is relatively small and easy to navigate.  If you get a hotel
reasonably close to downtown you will not be far from the tournament sites.

Hotel Info: Cheapest decent hotel is the Motel 6 on SouthEast Powell

Motel 6 Portland Central #0070
3104-06 SE Powell Boulevard
I-5 North at Exit# 299-A, South Exit #300-B
Portland, OR, 97202
Phone: (503) 238-0600 | Fax: (503) 238-7167
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