Midwest Regional Footbag Net Open

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Midwest Regional Footbag Net Open


Scott Davidson

E-mail: enlightener@footbag.org
Phone: Email for current #
~600 Harrison
Oak Park, IL
Maryville Academy Sports Fields - River Road & Central
Des Plaines, Illinois, USA
Events Offered:
Footbag Net Singles, Doubles, Pro-Am Doubles, Youth Categories
Event Details:
Location: Maryville Academy - River Road & Central Road in Des Plaines, Illinois.

(Sorry, I had listed this as a June event originally, which was my error for which I
This event is taking place on July 28-29)

This is a charity event, so the low entry fee will be donated to the "Spike for Kids"
initiative that this event is a part of.  

Net players that can bring a net-set to use in the competition are encouraged to contact
event director to allow space in the site layout for your net.

Please join us for a great weekend of footbag net competition and fun!

See ya!
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