23rd Annual Midwest Regional Freestyle Championships at Taste of Chicago

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23rd Annual Midwest Regional Freestyle Championships at Taste of Chicago


Scott Davidson

E-mail: enlightener@footbag.org
Phone: Email for current #
~600 Harrison
Oak Park, IL
Taste of Chicago - Sports Pavillion
Chicago, Illinois, USA
Events Offered:
Freestyle Comptition Only.  2 Minute Routines for Advanced and Open players. 
Shred :30 contest.  Other freestyle events will be added after an upcoming 
Event Details:
-Google Earth Coordinates: 4153'01.32"N  8737'08.67"W

This event takes place at TASTE OF CHICAGO!   The largest free-entry food festival in the
Millions of people come to this event on the final weekend, and footbag will be right in
the middle 
of it all... Officially!!!

To those who don't know Chicago, this event has taken place every year for the past 25
our footbag group does almost-daily shreds wherever we can find space, as an unofficial
This is the first year we have an official presence at the Taste.  We will even be listed
on the 
Taste of Chicago website, under the Taste Sports! stage schedule.

We are having a free "interactive" area that will let people try out the sport of

Saturday, July 7:  
SITE: Saturday, July 7th  - 11am to 6pm (or later if needed)
	-Preliminary Rounds are being held in the field just southeast of Columbus and 
          Upper Randolph streets.
        -Google Earth Coordinates: 4153'01.32"N  8737'08.67"W
	-Near the park district facility (listed on the Chicago Park District website as "337 E.
        -We will have a blue 10x10' tent and a portable sound system that will provide
music all day
	-The city isn't giving permits for Grant park during Taste of Chicago, but under 50
          is ok without a permit

10:00am - Noon - Registration

Noon - Players Meeting

1:00 - Shred :30 Prelims - All competitors

2:00 - "Routines" - Intermediate Finals (single round, no finals for intermediates)

2:30 - "Routines" - Open Category Prelims (Finals are on Day 2)

3:30 - Footbag Event TBA - All competitors

4:30 - Intermediates Awards / Prizes

-Possible that we will go to Taste of Chicago at 4:00 and shred until dusk.

Day 2: Finals for Open players at TASTE OF CHICAGO - SPORTS PAVILLION
This is the main focus of our marketing. Most people won't want to spectate during our
prelim's, that 
is really for the players. But when we put on a show, it is something to see. Day 2 is for
our top 
players who will showing off for the audience and making our sport look good to the
Instant results too.

-Huge number of spectators will be there! Huge!

-11AM start on Sunday, but earlier is better.

-1:00 Footbag Demonstration and Finals for Intermediate, Advanced and Open players
    -We have the stage from 1:00 to 2:30 and we will fill it with a great show of footbag
    -2:30 pm -Awards/Prizes

-3:00 - 5:00 - Shred / Jam
    -Encourage spectators to play footbag and have fun with kicking
    -Just "stage right" of the stage.

-6:00 - Group dinner at "Pizanos" just down the street from Millenium Park.

The Sunday Finals event will take place at the south side of Buckingham Fountain at the
Taste Sports Pavillion stage.

This is the first time we are running this event as an official element of Taste of
Chicago. Public transit
is recommended because parking rates in Chicago are among the highest in the country, and
there is 
no way around parking in a garage... all street level spots have been removed. If you need
to drive,
contact Scott directly (enlightener@footbag.org) for downtown parking tips. We have a
group dinner
planned for both Saturday and Sunday nights, close to the event sites, we hope you all can
make it.

Entry fees: Novice = Free. Intermediate = $10. Open = $30.

Novice entrants are eligible for prizes. Intermediate entrants get a t-shirt and are
eligible for prizes.
Open players get a t-shirt, a 1-year membership with IFPA and are eligible for prize

There are very few rooms available in hotels during Taste of Chicago, but if you are
looking for lodging,
contact Scott directly to coordinate staying at a footbag guest-home, or for info about
Chicago hotels.

We are applying for IFPA sanctioning for this event, and we hope to have online
available soon.
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