German Footbag Championships 2007

Tournament Results

German Footbag Championships 2007


Justin J. Eichenlaub

Phone: +49(0)179 959 969 9
Aachen, Nrw
Aachen, Germany
Host Club:
Events Offered:
Freestyle and Net
guests are welcome!
non-germans may not play in open/int. freestyle, open/int.
net BUT may compete in SHRED30, Big3, Circle, Drinking,
however: if there are more intersted people from other
nations i´d consider an open competition for the guests as
well. just post in the forum or mail me.
cheers, Justin

Manually Entered Results

Open Freestyle Routine

1. Yves Kreil, Berlin (8)
2. Stefan Siegert, Frankenberg (10)
3. Max Kerkhoff, Berlin (19)
4. Jochen Bauer (23)
5. Matthias Thier, Mainz (35)
6. Jan Brekkle, Leipzig (37)
7. Jendrik Schröder, Kiel (41)
8. Marco Hartig, Lienzingen (46)
8. Justin Eichenlaub, Aachen (46)

Intermediate Freestyle Routine

1. Robin Püchel, Dresden
2. Christoph Alexander, Moers
3. Björn Stenzel, Bremen
4. Benni Hakel, München
5. Janis Thal, Bremen
6. Tammo Rockel, Aachen
7. Andreas Käfer, Aachen
8. Nic Knatterton, Aachen

Footbag Net Single

1. Andi Wolff
2. Chris Loew
3. Yassin Khateeb
4. Thomas Förster
5. Eurik Lindner (seeding)
6. Markus Kaspczak (seeding)
7. Yves Kreil
8. Christian Bock
9. Yannik Rockel

... außerdem teilgenommen: Boris Baluin (F), Antonio Fritsch, Phil Schäfer, Lisa
Uebele, Thorsten Schäfer, Ulli Haase, Amaya Straeten, Adrian Pohl, Tammo Rockel,
Justin Eichenlaub, Markus Portenkirchner

Footbag Net Doubles

1. Andi Wolff / Ulli Haase
2. Phil Schäfer / Chris Loew
3. Eurik Lindner / Markus Kaspczak
4. Antonio Fritsch / Yves Kreil
5. Thomas Förster / Yassin Khateeb
6. Lisa Uebele / Kerstin Anhut
7. Adrian Pohl* / Tammo Rockel*

... außerdem teilgenommen: Amaya Straeten / Adrian Pohl, Thorsten Schäfer /
Christian Bock, Markus Portenkirchner / Justin Eichenlaub

Footbag Net single (INTERMEDIATE)

1. Manuel Kruse
2. Simon Voss
3. Jonas Thull
4. Andreas Käfer

außerdem teilgenommen: Klaus Steinert, Rico Böhme, Christian Bruhn

Footbag Net Doubles (INTERMEDIATE)

1. Manuel Kruse / Florian Dibbern
2. Jonas Thull / Andreas Käfer
3. Martin Ernst / Christoph Jung
4. Klaus Steinert / Johannes Hoppe

außerdem teilgenommen: Max Kerkhoff / Viktor Kirchner , Robin Püchel / Rico
Böhme, Markus Lohmann / Janis Thal, Christian Bruhn / Simon Voss

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Event Details:
Timetable (vorläufig)

Fr. 29.6.	Hanbruch
18h 			Ankunft und Unterbringung 
19h 			Casual shred, 4Square
20h 			Pizza
22h 			Players Lounge (Malteserkeller)

Sa. 30.6.  	 Sportplatz / Jakobshof
10h-14h 		Open Double Net preliminary round
11h-14h 		Int. Double Net preliminary round
12h-13h 		Int. Freestyle preliminary round
13h-14h 		Open Freestyle preliminary round
		Pause, Buffet
15h-19h 		Open Single Net preliminary round
15h-19h 		Int. single Net preliminary round
20h 			Doors Open Jakobshof
21h 			Shred30 Competition (mit Liveband)
21:30h 		Band (Die Partycrew)
22:15h 		Freestyle Finals Show
23h 			Band (Art & Wise)
0h			DJs Chris Brid / SNAFU

So. 1.7.	 Sportplatz / Hanbruch
11h-13h 		Open Net quarterfinals/ semifanals
11h-14h 		Int. Net quarterfinals / semifinals
ab 12h 		Chill and Grill
12h-13h		Int. Freestyle Finals
15h			Net Finals
16h			Siegerehrung/Ende
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