8th Annual Turku Open

Tournament Results

8th Annual Turku Open


Matti Pohjola

Alias: mohkale@footbag.org
Phone: +358 40 3024749
Turku, Finland
Host Club:
Events Offered:
Open Doubles Net
Open Singles Net
Other net categories (women's, mixed) might be added if enough people are interested.

Manually Entered Results

Mixed Doubles Net

1. Ninni Liukko & Matti Pohjola ?
2. Piia Tantarimäki & Oskari Forstén
3. Noora Plattonen & Jani Markkanen
4. Jenni Seppänen & Sakarias Liukko

Open Doubles Net

1. Jaakko Inkinen & Jani Markkanen ??
2. Tuomas Kärki & Olli Savolainen
3. Oskari Forsten & Matti Pohjola
4. Juha-Matti Rytilahti & Janne Uusitalo
5. Tuukka Antikainen & Janne Pesonen
6. Jukka Peltola & Jesse Ruotsalainen
7. Iisak Liukko & Sakarias Liukko
8. Ninni Liukko & Timo Vorne
9. Tapio Karhunen & Justin Sexton
10. Noora Plattonen & Piia Tantarimäki
11. Ville Laakso & Henrik Martikainen

Open Singles Net

1. Tuomas Kärki ??
2. Jaakko Inkinen
3. Matti Pohjola
4. Jani Markkanen
5. Timo Vorne
6. Iisak Liukko
7. Justin Sexton
8. Tapio Karhunen
9. Sakarias Liukko
10. Tuukka Antikainen
11. Ville Laakso
12. Henrik Martikainen
13. Piia Tantarimäki
14. Ninni Liukko
15. Ilkka Malin
16. Noora Plattonen

Big thanks to all the players and other organizers. See you on the court!

Do you think you have what it takes?

Sharpen your blades and show what you're made of!

Once again Footcraft throws down one of the most prestigious, player-friendly and toughest competitions on the old continent.

This is the way to get in perfect shape for Euros in Vienna!

Turku Open is the original and best! It holds the record for the longest running all-net footbag tournament in the World. Win here and be one of the all-time best. This is one tournament even Manu hasn't won.
Event Details:
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