Texas Statewide Footbag Tournament 2007

Tournament Results

Texas Statewide Footbag Tournament 2007


Benjamin Benulis

E-mail: ironcladben@mailbolt.com
Phone: 512-300-5574
925 S. Idaho St.
La Habra, CA
Bailey Park - off Lamar
Austin, Texas, USA
Events Offered:
-Men's and Women's single's Net
-Open Mixed Doubles Net
-Freestyle Routines: Open / Intermediate
-Freestyle Best 3 / Big 1 - Open / Intermediate
-4 Square?

Manually Entered Results

Open Doubles Footbag Net:
1) Tina Lewis/Kelly Kelley
2) James Roberts/Craig Lord
3) Tim Vozar/Garry Gaman
4) Matt Strong/Mike Gupton
5) Dave Spears/Ariel Santesteban (substituting for Matt Coffman)

Open Golf
1) James Roberts
2) Matt Strong
3) Dave Spears

Overall - (Intermediate) (Freestylers playing Net and Golf)

1) Matt Coffman
2) Ben Benulis

James Roberts and Matt Strong also participated in all events.  (pro/open

Competitor traveling the farthest:  Matt Coffman, Tulsa Oklahoma.

Related Photos:
Event will be in BAILEY PARK this year 1101 W. 33rd Street, just west of Lamar.

We will have Net, Freestyle and Golf. Crash space provided.

Friday afternoon / evening we will have informal freestyle shred and dinner, pls contact Ben for details
Event Details:
Crash space available at Ben's condo, pls bring sleeping bag etc.  Please
contact him to make arrangements: ironcladben at footbag dot org

1101 W. 33rd Street, just west of Lamar.
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