2007 U.S. Open Footbag Championships

Tournament Results

2007 U.S. Open Footbag Championships


Christopher Michael Siebert

Alias: conan@footbag.org
Phone: 540-229-9865
Charlottesville, VA
Pioneer Courthouse Square, Willamette Park
Portland, Oregon, USA
Host Club:
Events Offered:
Freestyle events, Net events, Hack events, Demos

Results for U.S. Open Footbag Championships (2007)

Open Singles Routines:

  1. Jim Penske (USA)
  2. Gordon Bevier (USA)
  3. Justin Dale (USA)
  4. Daryl Genz (USA)
  5. Nick Landes (USA)
  6. Aaron Orton (USA)

Open Shred:30:

  1. Jim Penske (USA)
  2. Justin Dale (USA)
  3. Gordon Bevier (USA)
  4. Sam Potter (USA)
  5. Evan Lovely (USA)
  6. Nick Landes (USA)
  7. Daryl Genz (USA)

Open Sick 3-Trick:

  1. Jim Penske (USA)
  2. Justin Dale (USA)
  3. Nick Landes (USA)
  4. Gordon Bevier (USA)

Open Sick Trick:

  1. Aaron Orton (USA)
  2. Justin Dale (USA)
  3. Jim Penske (USA)
  4. Gordon Bevier (USA)
  5. Nick Landes (USA)
  6. Ben Schmaltz (USA)
  7. Sam Potter (USA)
  8. Daryl Genz (USA)

Open Circle Contest:

  1. Jim Penske (USA)
  2. Nick Landes (USA)
  3. Gordon Bevier (USA)
  4. Justin Dale (USA)

Manually Entered Results

2007 US Open Full Results: (please contact me if you see a mistake)

Net Events: at least 34 registered players

1ST  Alexis Deschenes
2ND  John Leys
3RD  Tuan Vu
4TH  Tricia George
5TH  Eric Sorensen
6TH  Paul Vorvick

1ST  John Leys/Eric Wulff
2ND  Kenny Shults/Alexis Deschenes
3RD  Chris Siebert/Steve Dusablon
4TH  PT Lovern/Jack Harris
5TH  David Bernard/Pat Keehan
6TH  Tuan Vu/Eric Sorensen
7TH  Tricia George/Becca English-Ross
8TH  Paul Vorvick/Francois Leh

1st Tricia George/Jenna Collins
2nd Lisa Monte/Dillon George
3rd Sarah George/ Becca Ross

1ST  Kenny Shults/Becca English-Ross
2ND  Chris Siebert/Tricia George
3RD  Tuan Vu/Lisa Monti
4TH  Steve Dusablon/Michelle Chen
5TH  Francois Leh/Allison Smith

1ST  Kenneth Godfrey
2ND  Brett Millikan
3RD  Ryan Kament

1ST  Chris Hughes/Brett Armstrong
2ND  Brett Milliken/?Crazy? Mike Craig
3RD  Nick Rettinger/Dillon George
4TH  Phil Donegan/Colin McLeod
5TH  Lisa Monti/Allison Smith
5TH  Kenneth Godfrey/Ryan Kament
5TH  Lasse Christiansen/Bill Bleecker
5TH  Michelle Chen/Gaylene Grossen
5TH  Sarah George/Jenna Collins

Freestyle Events: at least 22 registered players

Open Routines
1. Jim Penske
2. Scott Bevier
3. Justin Dale
4. Daryl Genz
5. Nick Landes
6. Aaron Orton

Open Shred 30
1. Jim Penske (240)
2. Justin Dale (176.67)
3. Scott Bevier (168.13)
4. Sam Potter (165.72)
5. Evan Lovely (159.60)
6. Nick Landes (147)
7. Daryl Genz (119.53)

Open Sick 3
1. Jim Penske (Nemesis-P.S. Whirl-Spinning Blender)
2. Justin Dale (Shooting Butterfly-Food Processor-Mind Bender)
3. Nick Landes (Gyro Ducking Butterfly-P.S. Whirl-Spinning DLO)
4. Scott Bevier (Sumo-Fairy Beater-Blurry Whirl)

Open Sick Trick
1. Aaron Orton (Surging Blender)
2. Justin Dale (Apline Food Processor)
3. Jim Penske (Alpine Whirly Gig)
4. Scott Bevier (Montage)
5. Nick Landes (Nuclear Symposium Whirl)
6. Ben Schmaltz (Blurry Symposium Reverse Whirling Swirl)
7. Sam Potter (Food Processor)
8. Daryl Genz (Triple Around the World)

Open Rippin' Run
1. Jim Penske
2. Scott Bevier
3. Evan Lovely

Intermediate Routines
1. Kyle Hewitt
2. Jake Wren
3. Zac Jackson

Intermediate Shred 30
1. Kyle Hewitt (145.24)
2. Jake Wren (134.35)
3. Dylan Johnson (119.28 )
4. Zac Jackson (94.49)

Intermediate Big 3
1. Dylan Johnson (Diwalk-Blizzard-Tripwalk)
2. Jake Wren (Paradon-Ripwalk-Down Double Down)
3. Kyle Hewitt (Phoenix-Blurry Whirl-Osis)
4. Zac Jackson (Ripwalk-Paradox Mirage-Ducking Butterfly)

Intermediate Sick Trick
1. Jake Wren (Locomotion)
2. Zac Jackson (Frontside Atom Smasher)
3. Dylan Johnson (P.S. Whirl)
4. Kyle Hewitt (Fairy Ducking Butterfly)

Intermediate Rippin' Run
1. Kyle Hewitt
2. Zac Jackson

1. Jim Penske
2. Nick Landes
3. Scott Bevier
4. Justin Dale

Congratulations to all of the players, thanks for making it a great event. Much
more to come! 

The birthplace of footbag...beautiful Portland, Oregon will again host the U.S. Open Footbag Championships!
Event Details:
We have booked two of the best possible sites in Portland for this event!!  Spectators and
media coverage are virtually guaranteed.

These amazing, high visibility sites will showcase the best footbag talent and draw in our
large community of local kickers.

We are famous for our hospitality, footbag history, and low entry fees!  Join us.

Entry Fees:

Open:  $35 (eligible for prize money)*
Amateur:  $20 (not eligible for prize money)
Novice:  Free

* Prize money will be very limited this year due to tournament expenses.

Schedule of Events:

Friday, July 6:

Demos and casual circle kicking at Pioneer Square starting about 2:00pm

6:00 ? 10:00pm:  Registration Party 

Home of Kendall KIC and Kenny Shults
3550 SW Kanan Drive
Portland, OR  97221

Saturday, July 7:

*All Saturday events at Willamette Park, Portland:
(parking costs $3 each time you drive in, sorry)

Registration for all events closes at noon!!

Net Event Schedule (may change based on number of entrants):

*Singles Net:  Player?s meeting and Open matches begin promptly at 10am.  Open Singles Net
players must be checked in by 9am.

10:00am ? 1:00pm:  Singles Net 
1:30pm ? 5:00pm:  Doubles Net 
5:30pm ? 8:00pm:  Mixed Doubles Net

*All net players who are eliminated are encouraged to play off for ranking in the final
standings.  See event staff for info.

Freestyle Event Schedule:

1:00pm:  Intermediate Shred 30
1:30pm:  Open Shred  30 (one round)
2:00pm:  Intermediate Big Trick
2:30pm:  Intermediate Big Three
3:00pm:  Open Big Three
3:30pm:  Intermediate Routines
4:00pm:  Open Routines, first round
5:00pm:  Intermediate Rippin' Run
5:30pm:  Circle (Open only)

Novice kicker events throughout the day.  See event staff for info.

7:30pm ? Dark:  Picnic and BBQ on site at Willamette Park.

Sunday, July 8:

*Two different sites on Sunday!!

Willamette Park Schedule:

Net Events (may change based on number of entrants):

10:30am:  Singles Net playoffs
12:30pm:  Doubles Net playoffs
2:30pm:  Mixed Doubles playoffs
4:00pm:  Mixed Doubles final
5:00pm:  Open Doubles final
6:00pm:  Singles final

Pioneer Courthouse Square:


Freestyle Event Schedule:

1:00pm:  Rippin' Run (open only)
1:30pm:  Big Trick (Open)
2:30pm:  Open Routines, finals

Novice kicker events throughout the day.  See event staff for info.

8:30pm:  Post-event dinner at Widmer Gasthaus.  Widmer has sponsored the US Open three
years in a row!


Accommodations and Hotel Info:

We may be able to house you.  Contact one of the directors for details.

Portland is relatively small and easy to navigate.  Any hotel reasonably close to downtown
will not be far from the tournament sites.

The cheapest we have found is the Motel 6 at 3104 SE Powell Blvd:


The Portland Airport (PDX) is only a 15 min drive or 20 min train ride from downtown.

*Notes for returning players:
  Net site will be much improved (flat grass playing field)
  Sites in or very near downtown for easier access and better visibility
  More events for hackers/newer players

Other Entertainment Options:

The Waterfront Blues Festival is all weekend long:


Washington Park, the Rose Gardens, and the Zoo are also close and fun!

This will be a blast!  Don't miss it!
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