Australian Freestyle Footbag Championships 2007

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Australian Freestyle Footbag Championships 2007


Jeremy Takashi O'Wheel

Phone: 0404 621 893
West Hobart, Tasmania

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Princes Wharf
Hobart, Tasmania, Australia
Events Offered:
Shred 30
Sick 3
The Australian Freestyle Footbag Championships finally move away from Melbourne and for the first time in the events history will be held in the beautiful city of Hobart, Tasmania. Boasting mild summer temperatures and a friendly atmosphere, this event will be the biggest yet in Australia. The event will be held in conjunction with the Taste of Tasmania - a festival celebrating the amazing food and drink of Tasmania and attracting hundreds of thousands of tourists and locals each year. While the competition dates are the 2nd and 3rd there will be organised events continueing all week (until the 8th).
Event Details:
The players manual can be found here: 

A brief schedule of the event is as follows (including post tournament events):

Tuesday 2nd of January
Semi Finals - Players must be at the venue at 2:30 for 3pm start.

Wednesday 3rd of January
Finals - Players must be at the venue at 2:30 for 3pm start.

Thursday 4th of January
Footbagger vs Non footbagger cricket match and bbq.  
Players are expected to arrive at Parliament St Park (map in manual) at 10 am.  
Also will be expected to put in money for beer and food.  National Council agm in the

Friday 5th of January
Walk to the Styx forest - home of the largest trees in the world.  
Pickups from hostel will occur at 8pm and players are expected to be ready to go.  Cost
$85.  Dinner in the evening at Republic Bar.

Saturday 6th of January
Shred at Salamanca.  True Live playing Saturday night at Republic (tickets $15 or less for

Sunday 7th of January
Players leave.
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