26th Annual Moonin/Noonin Beaver Open

Event Listing

26th Annual Moonin/Noonin Beaver Open


Tricia Sullivan George

E-mail: kicking@footbag.org
Phone: (503) 740-6030
25525 Cheryl Drive
West Linn, OR
Oregon Country Fair Site
Eugene, Oregon, USA
Host Club:
Events Offered:
Friday Night Footsie Cocktail Hour, Draw partner net, 
Freestyle energy circle, Footbag Golf (day and GLOW), Four 
Square, Cribbage, Bizz-Buzz, Juggle Golf and more!
Remember to plan a skit and bring props and costumes, etc. for the "Not so Late Night" variety show. You can order Glow at the following websites http://www.extremeglow.com http://www.liquidlight4glow.com http://www.glowproducts.com http://www.glow-necklaces-light-sticks-raves.com
Event Details:
Please be aware that the deadline for registration is AUGUST 7TH. A late fee of $25.00
will be charged for anyone who registers past this deadline. To porperly plan for food and
accommodations, we must have a fairly accurate idea who will be attending.

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