Funtastik Summer Classic Tournament and Festival

Tournament Results

Funtastik Summer Classic Tournament and Festival


Brenda Marie Solonoski

Phone: 717-979-5620 cell
7821 Jefferson St.
Hummelstown, PA
Day 1-Morrison Park (Sunshine Park) Day 2 & 3- Harvey Taylor Bridge & Front St.,
Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, USA
Events Offered:
Singles & Doubles Net- Pro, Intermediate, Novice**
Singles Freestyle- Pro, Intermediate, Novice**
Skills contests- Shred, Super Man, Net Poaching, Iron Man**

Results for Funtastik Summer Classic Tournament and Festival (2006)

Open Singles Routines:

  1. David Clavens (USA)
  2. Gordon Bevier (USA)
  3. Scott Davidson (USA)
  4. Tuan Vu (USA)
  5. Greg Nelson (USA)

Manually Entered Results

Cheers to all the competitiors who came to play net on Saturday in the rain.  
By noon some heavy shredding was taking place under the pavillion.  Later, 
everyone headed to the new host Holiday Inn Hotel.  Hot tubing, shredding and 
fun was had by all. By Sunday, the rain was gone and the competition continued 
along the river on Front St.  We had great visability on the grass areas 
across the street that the recreation department alotted us. The skills 
contests had a record number of competitors and proved to be of 
greatentertainment.  The final conclusion is that no one is practicing their 
golf shots!!!  Sunday night we honored the new 2006 Hall of Fame inductees 
Randy Nelson, Ian Kobiyachi and Scott Davidson.  At the host Holiday Inn 
Resort, Master of Ceremonies, Peter Irish, along with 7 other Hall of Famers 
honored and presented Scott with his Hall of Fame shirt and mug. Afterwards, 
there was circle kicking with glow in the dark footbags called Nightbalz.  The 
shredders commanded their room and the celebration continued until the wee 
hours of the morning.  Monday was a super day with great net games, modest 
service poaching and a fight to the finish skills contests (yes...physical 
contact, devious blocks, etc.) that resulted in one World Record Time.  
Freestyle was highlighted with a dropless and one drop routines.  A final 
farewell performance by Tuan Vu and Ben Kellman's rendition of Ted Fritsch's 
long standing freestyle routine gave the crowd a great show.  
There was $1800 in cash prizes and plenty of merchandise prizes awarded.  We 
had over 40 people at the brewery for get together after the tournament.  And 
the 21st Funtastik Summer Classic went down into the history books as a huge 
success.  Will there be a 22nd?  You bet ya!!

          2006 FUNTASTIK
       SEPTEMBER 2, 3 & 4 

Cash prize- $1800
  Plus merchandise 

PRO SINGLE NET                                              
1. Emmanuel Bouchard $275                                        
2  JF Lemieux  $125 			
3. Phillip Lessard  $50                                                    
4. Gilles Demers $25                                       

1. E Bouchard/JF Lemieux $300                                                  
2. E Wulff/J Leyes $100
3   F. Peltier /P.Lessard $50
PRO FREESTYLE- SINGLE                             
1. David Clavens  $275  dropless                                 
2. Scott Bevier	   $125  1 drop
3.Scott Davidson 
4.Tuan Vu  $25                                                              
5.Greg Nelson  
1.  Jamie Lepley-      prize
2. Jeremy Walters-     prize
3. Dan Greer-	       prize

IRON MAN- Eric Wulff           $100       
FREESTYLE SHRED- David Clavens $100       
SERVICE POACHING-Jamie Lepley  $100   
SUPERMAN- Tuan Vu              $100   
            1:33 New World Record  

SINGLES NET- INTERMEDIATE                          
1. Dan Greer
2. Ted Fritsch                                
3. Chris Cleaver			
4.  Jack Lentz	
1.	C. Cleaver/J. Walters
2.	M. Daniels/E. Daniesl
3.	J. Lentz/D. Greer 
4.	T. Fritsch/J. Penny

 SINGLES NET- NOVICE            
1. Chris Balch
2. David 
3. Cody Carr
No entries

GOLF -AMATEUR                                                  
1. Jim Wentz                                                        
2. Cory Carr
1.	Chris Balch
2.	David Beyers
3.	Cory Carr

1.  Adrienne Dukes
2. David Beyers
3. Dan Johnson 

1. Vince Bradley
2. Joe Solonoski
3.Jack Lentz
4.Mark Daniels
5. Ted Fritsch
6. PJ Daigle

Check out this link for another review of the tournament on

A spectator, Alan, took some photos and sent the link to his site.  Check them 

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With over 20 years of tournament history, the Funtastik Summer Classic is a great tournament/festival to attend on the east coast to wind down your summer with a real FUN time. This tournament/festival is part of a three day festival in downtown Harrisburg called Kipona, which attracts thousands of people. There is always plenty of circle kicking and four square play for everyone, not matter what age or ability. Come to watch, compete, learn, hang out, or just to see what the heck is going on. It could possibly be the highlight of your summer!
Event Details:
ENTRY FORMS-  send requests to or call 717-564-1831
and leave a message.  The first 48 preregistered/prepaid competitiors will
receive a tournament T.


FOOTBAG NET-    The pool format- 2 out of 3 games to 11 
points.  Semi final & final games- 2 out of 3 games to 15 
points changing sides at 8 points.  Must win by two points 
in all games.  This format is subject to change.

FOOTBAG FREESTYLE-   Time limit Pro- 2 min, Amateurs- 
1:30, Novice- 1 min.  Competitors might be required to 
judge.  Hand in your music and introduction card before 
the event & pick it up after your turn.

FOOTBAG GOLF-   One 9 hole round of golf will be played 
that follows 
the standard footbag golf rules.  

SKILLS CONTESTS- $7 ($10 if not entered in tournament)
Winner takes all basis.  2004 champions get a bye to 

FREESTYLE SHRED- 45 sec. max, most adds win, no 
choreography, generic music.
	Rules- 1. Shred till you drop
	           2. 3 drops & you are done
	           3. Cannot do same trick more than 5
times in a row  
	           4. The top 3 make it to finals
	    Yes, your routine will be video taped to 
verify adds.

SERVICE POACHING- This is a two-person event.  Ten serves, 
thus 10 
attempts at service blocks.  Preliminary rounds- the most 
blocks win.  
Final round- highest accumulative score from judges win.
		1. Service block must occur at the net.
		2. Blocker must be airborne to count.
		3. The top 3 make it to finals.

IRON MAN- The best time wins.  Any drop in consecutive or 
toe delays, 
must restart from the beginning. 
1. 100 consecutive kicks, 10 toe delays, 1 
around the world with each foot, golf accuracy shots, 1 
net service & 1 set 
& spike (airborne contact above net required)
2. Two footbags allowed. 
3. Body contact is allowed during golf shots.
4. The top 3 make it to finals.

SUPER MAN- Completion of tasks in the best time wins.  40 
adds, 50 
consecutives, net serve to gladiator until scoring a 
receive gladiator serve until scoring a point & 3 various 
golf shots done 
within 4 mins.
1. Seconds added to score equal to distance
2. Any golf shot made cancels out distance from longest 
3. Net footbag must be used during net portion.

MONETARY & PRIZE DONATIONS- are always needed and 
greatfully accepted.  Please make contributions payable to 
Funtastik, c/o Summer Classic, 18 W. Main St.  
Mechanicsburg, Pa 17055. 

NEW HOST HOTEL-  SEE BELOW FOR MORE INFO-  Holiday Inn- Rt #83 & PA turnpike
in New Cumberland (Just south of Harrisburg)717-774-2721  About 15- 20
minutes to the tournament sites.  Mention the Summer Classic tournament
to get the special rate.  Only so many rooms at that rate, so call now
and reserve.  

Camping- Harrisburg East- 1134 Highspire Blvd, Hbg  717-939-4331  

Preregistration guarrantees a players pack.  Can be done by mail, email
or in person to Brenda Solonoski or Funtastik. Registration will be available
with Brenda on Friday night from 7pm to 11pm at her house at
7821 Jefferson St, Hummelstown,Pa.  717-564-1831. Payment MUST accompany
registration form in either check, cash (US dollar only) or credit card.
There is a $2 fee for credit card transactions.

Tentative Schedule

SAT.  MORRISON (SUNSHINE) PARK, Cameron & Herr Sts. Harrisburg, Pa.
9am -Late registration/early reg. player pack pick up
10am -Preliminary Singles Net rounds
2pm  -Preliminary Doubles Net rounds
4pm  -Novice Singles Net finals
5pm  -Novice Doubles Net finals
6pm  -Service Poaching- qualifying
8pm- 12am- social/shred- Harrisburg Holiday Inn 

SUN. New Cumberland Park, New Cumberland, Pa
8:30 am- golf  9 holes

SUN. FRONT & FORRESTER STS, (Harvey Taylor Bridge) Harrisburg, Pa.
11am -Singles & Doubles Net continues 
     -Amateur Singles Finals
12pm -Amateur Doubles Net Finals 
1pm  -Iron Man, Super Man & Shred
3-5pm -Freestyle Singles
      -Singles & Doubles Pro Net SemiFinals
      -Consolation net matches        
      -Amateur Freestyle Finals
8pm- 12am- social/shred  Harrisburg Holiday Inn 

10am   -consolation net
11am   -Masters singles net finals
11am   -pro singles 3rd place final
NOON   -Pro Singles Net Finals
1pm    -Skills Contest Finals
2pm    -Pro Doubles Net Finals
2pm    -pro doubles 3rd place final
3pm    -Pro Singles Freestyle Finals  
5pm    -Awards Ceremony
6:30  - get together for dinner at Appalachian Brewery Co. on Cameron St.

A BIG THANKS to our sponsors- Funtastik (, World Footbag
Association (, Jack Lentz, Harrisburg 
Holiday Inn Hotel and Convention Center, The City of Harrisburg Department
of Parks and Recreation, Appalacian Brewing Co and "anonymous donors".


To Hotel :
---From Maryland--- 83 N. to. Exit 40A (Limekiln Rd.)  Go Straight through
light, hotel is in front of you. (30 - 40 min from Maryland)
---From PA Turnpike--- Exit 18A (Harrisburg west) stay in right lane onto 83N.
get off first exit. Exit 40A (Limekiln Rd.)  Go Straight through light, hotel
is in front of you.  (2 minutes off of Turnpike)
---From North 81--- 81S. to 83S. When you cross the river, stay on 83S to.
Exit 40A (Limekiln Rd.)  Turn left at stop sign, then right at light, hotel
is in front of you. (Once you cross the river less then 5 minutes)
---From South 81--- 81N. to 581E to 83S to. Exit 40A (Limekiln Rd.)  Turn
left at stop sign, then right at light, hotel is in front of you. (Less then 5
minutes once on 83)
To Sites From Hotel :
---To Golf--- 1.4 mile from hotel.  At light from Hotel, turn right 
onto Limekiln Rd. .6 mile to stop sign. Turn left onto Poplar Ave. .3 miles
to 2nd Street. Turn right onto 2nd Street.  Go to 2nd stop sign and turn
right onto Geary Ave. At 1st stop sign, Park is on your Right.
---To Morrison Park---(Formerly SUNSHINE PARK) (AND TO SAT AND SUN SITE)
Go straight through the light to get on 83N.  At Split stay on 83N.  Get off
second exit, Exit 42 (Lemoyne).  (2.2 mile from hotel) Go .5 miles to 2nd
traffic light, turn right.  Stay in left lane to the 1st light so to turn
left. you will be going up the river past City Island. After the first
light turn left onto Elm St.(just before the bridge).  Go 1 block, turn
right onto 2nd street.  Go 1 block turn right onto the bridge.--- Sunday,
Monday Site will be on your Right Just after you cross the bridge.  To get
to Morrison Park continue straight aprox.1/2 mile to 7th Street (5th or 6th
light) Turn left onto 7th Street, Turn Right onto Herr Street at 1st light.
Go straight through next light(Camron St.)  Park is on your right approx.
one block.
Golf site            - less then 1.5 miles from hotel
Morrison Park    - 6 miles from hotel
Front Street site  - 5 miles from hotel 
Harrisburg Holiday Inn Hotel & Conference Center 
Hotel Number : (717) 774-2721 
                     : 1-800-HOLIDAY
I-83 & Pennsylvania Turnpike, NewCumberland PA 17070
When booking hotel Group Code: SMERF
Reserved Friday, Saturday, Sunday nights
$75.00 / Night  25 rooms available

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