7th Annual Turku Open

Tournament Results

7th Annual Turku Open


Matti Pohjola

Alias: mohkale@footbag.org
Phone: +358 40 3024749
Turun linnan puisto
TURKU, Finland
Host Club:
Events Offered:
Open Singles Net
Open Doubles Net

Manually Entered Results

Open Singles Net:

1. Oskari Forstén ??
2. Matti Pohjola ?
3. Tapio Karhunen
4. Tuomas Kärki
5. Olli Savolainen
6. Jani Lirkki
7. Timo Vorne
8. Jukka Peltola
9. Oxana Prihodko (RUS)

Open Doubles Net:

1. Tuomas Kärki & Jukka Peltola ??
2. Oskari Forstén & Jani Markkanen ?
3. Tapio Karhunen & Matti Pohjola
4. Jani Lirkki & Timo Vorne
5. Olli Savolainen & Aleksi Öhman
6. Jesse Ruotsalainen & Justin Sexton
7. Iisak Liukko & Sakarias Liukko
8. Ninni Liukko & Oxana Prihodko (RUS)

I welcome all you net freaks to the show!

Please contact me if you're planning to attend this great IFPA-sanctioned net summit!

Put your game face on and meet the Finns at this classic Worlds pre-tournament!
Event Details:
Sat, July 1:
11h00-12h00 Check-in
12h00-18h00 Singles pools, brackets and finals
22h00 -> Brazil-Spain(?)
Sun, July 2:
12h00-18h00 Doubles pools, brackets and finals
Hotel info:
- Omenahotelli is a cheap hotel (55? / 4 pers.) with almost no staff. http://www.omenahotelli.fi/frontpage
- Sokos Hotel Seurahuone is a nice hotel for 78? / 2 pers. http://www.sokoshotels.fi/english/index.cfm
Contact me for driving info.
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