22nd Annual Midwest Regional Championships (and World of Games)

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22nd Annual Midwest Regional Championships (and World of Games)


Scott Davidson

E-mail: enlightener@footbag.org
Phone: Email for current #
~600 Harrison
Oak Park, IL
Millenium Park, Downtown Chicago
Chicago, Illinois, USA
Events Offered:
Shred :30, Phat Trick and Routines.  Consecutives contest for Novices.
We're going to have fun with this.  We are also hosting an "interactive" area that 
will let people try out footbag.  A fun weekend in the city.
Event Details:
SUNDAY IS NOW INDOORS DUE TO HEAT! (As of Friday, July 28th) This event has been upgraded to be the 23rd Annual Midwest Regional Footbag Championships. Our preliminary rounds take place at 850 N. Lake Shore Drive indoors on Saturday from 11-6. Finals for MW Regionals will take place during the World of Games PROMPTLY at 2:30pm (players must be there by 1:00, but noon is better), people who are late will be disqualified. We are a part of a much larger event and we are on their schedule. We have only 25 minutes on stage and that includes an overview of the Sport of Footbag and how it is played, followed by our Finals. We will have a HUGE AUDIENCE, so be ready for a BIG SHOW!!!

The World of Games is presented by the City of Chicago Department of Cultural Affairs. The World of Games will present visually dynamic exhibition matches or demonstrations of games that originated in various countries and continue to be popular today. These may include recreational pastimes such as bocce (Italy) and footbag (U.S.), martial arts such as karate (Japan) or capoeira (Brazil) and children's games, such as Double Dutch, among others. It will be promoted in the Millenium Park sumer brochure as well as the In the "Spirit of the Silk road, Summer in Chicago 2006" print brochure which is the main fulfillment piece for tourists to Chicago this summer. Footbag will be listed in relevant press and print materials. We are having a free "interactive" area that will let people try out the sport of footbag.

The prelims take place at 850 N. Lake Shore Drive on Saturday from 11-6. Day 1: Preliminary Rounds and "Shred" (This is the day that will take place at 850 N. LSD) While this is technically "open to the public", we will not be publicizing the Day 1 to potential spectators, just competitors. So it will be competitors, friends and family of competitors, at 850 LSD. The gym is ideal, but any space would be suitable. I don't expect more than 50 people that day. This all leads up to a HUGE finals event that is part of the "World of Games" exhibition at Millenium Park on Day 2.

10:00am - Noon - Registration

Noon - Players Meeting

12:30 - Novice / Intermediate Timed Consecutives Contest

1:00 - Shred :30 Prelims - All competitors

2:00 - "Routines" - Intermediate Finals (single round, no finals for intermediates)

2:30 - "Routines" - Open Category Prelims (Finals are on Day 2)

3:30 - Phat Trick Contest - All competitors

4:30 - Intermediates Awards / Prizes

6:00 - Vacate the premises after shredding

-Possible that we will go to Navy Pier at 4:00 and shred until dusk.

We may eat a group dinner at Ginos East if still up north, or on the Pier if weather permits.

Day 2: Finals for Open players (during "World of Games" exhibition on their stage at Millenium Park) This is the main focus of our marketing. Most people won't want to spectate during our prelim's, that is really for the players. But when we put on a show, it is something to see. Day 2 is for our top players who will showing off for the audience and making our sport look good to the public. Instant results too.

-Huge number of spectators will be there! Huge!

-Noon start on Sunday, but earlier is better.

-1:30 staging of event

-2:30 to 2:55 we have the stage (not a long time, but we can do it)

-3:00 - 5:00 - Interactive Zone - "Footbag Challenge"

-Encourage spectators to play footbag and have fun with kicking

-Just "stage right" of the stage.

-6:00 - Group dinner at "Pizanos" just down the street from Millenium Park.

The Sunday Finals event will take place at the Wrigley Square and Millenium Monument on the corner of Michigan Avenue and Randolph Street More info: http://www.millenniumpark.org/artandarchitecture/wrigley_square.html

Map: http://www.millenniumpark.org/artandarchitecture/wrigley_square.html Directions: http://www.millenniumpark.org/generalinformation/directions_parking.html

This is the first time we are running this event in downtown Chicago. Public transit is recommended because parking rates in Chicago are among the highest in the country, and there is no way around parking in a garage... all street level spots have been removed. If you need to drive, contact Scott directly (enlightener@footbag.org) for downtown parking tips. We have a group dinner planned for both Saturday and Sunday nights, close to the event sites, we hope you all can make it.

Entry fees: Novice = Free. Intermediate = $10. Open = $50.

Novice entrants are eligible for prizes. Intermediate entrants get a t-shirt and are eligible for prizes.

Open players get a t-shirt, a 1-year membership with IFPA and are eligible for prize money.

There is a hostel just down the street, and we are seeking to reserve some rooms for the Saturday night of the event. More info to follow.

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