Swedish Open Footbag Net

Tournament Results

Swedish Open Footbag Net


Hakan Hellberg

Alias: hakan@footbag.org
Phone: +46 (0)70 49 30 799
Ralambshov Park
Stockholm, Sweden
Events Offered:
Single Net, Double Net, Mixed (hopefully), Golf

Manually Entered Results

Single Net:

 1. Jani Markkanen
 2. Matti Pohjola
 3. Jaako Inkinen
 4. Pavel Hejra
 5. Timo Vorne
 6. Hakan Hellberg
 7. Magnus Hellberg
 8. Sakarias Liukko
 9. Iisak Liukko
10. Henrik Martikainen
11. Ninni Liukko
12. Helena Schlichting
13. Karsten Biribakken
14. Leif Landslan

Double Net:

1. Jani Markkanen & Jaako Inkinen
2. Matti Pohjola & Timo Vorne
3. Pavel Hejra & Magnus Hellberg
4. Henrik Martikainen & Sakarias Liukko
5. Hakan Hellberg & Helena Schlichting
6. Iisak Liukko & Ninni Liukko
7. Patrik & Peter
8. Karsten Biribakken & Sven Whatshisname

Single Net Women:

1. Helena Schlichting
2. Ninni Liukko

Mixed Net:

1. Hakan Hellberg & Helena Schlichting
2. Iisak Liukko & Ninni Liukko

Swedish Open Footbag Net 2006

Yes, we are planning the first Footbag Net competition in Sweden! A few brave souls will take the first small steps to world domination.

At the Worlds 2005 there were only 4 Swedes playing Net. The Swedish Open is an attempt to make some more Swedish people get a bit more serious about the sport - to start going to competitions or at least start training every now and then.

Anyway, we will be playing in the Ralambshov Park in the middle of Stockholm, just a couple of spikes from the city beach. This is a good opportunity for everyone to come to Sweden, spend a laidback weekend in the sun, improve your game, and to build some confidence for the Worlds in Frankfurt.

At the moment, we are counting on something like 20 Swedes, a decent number of Finnish pros, and players from Germany, Great Britain and the Czech Republic...

You may register now by sending an email to hakan@footbag.org. Although registration is open until 16 June, please sign up as early as possible - then we can do a better job organising the event.

Preliminary schedule:

Friday 16 June
17:00-21:00 Warmup games and check in (Fatbursparken)

Saturday 17 June (Ralambshov Park)
11:30 Check in closes, player's meeting
12:00 Single, pool play
15:00 Single, quarters, semis and looser's pool
18:00- BBQ, Golf, pickup games
21:00- Minds start to get blurry

Sunday 18 June (Ralambshovs Park)
12:00 Double, pools
15:00 Double, quarters, semis and looser's pool
18:00 Single and Double Finals
20:00- Here we go again...

There will be some beds and sofas available in player's homes, register early if you want to be sure to stay for free. Hopefully there will be room for everyone, but we cannot guarantee this yet. If you want to reserve a bed at a hostel we recommend www.zinkensdamm.com (20-25 euro/night).

We will update this page with some more information later. Meanwhile, if you're thinking about coming or have any questions, please send us a mail.

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