IFPA Sun City Spike

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IFPA Sun City Spike


Matti Pohjola

Alias: mohkale@footbag.org
Phone: +358 40 3024749
Site(s) TBA
Turku, Finland
Host Club:
Events Offered:
Open Doubles Net
Open Singles Net

Manually Entered Results

Open Doubles:

1. Matti Pohjola & Oskari ForstÚn $$$
2. Janne Uusitalo & Tapio Karhunen
3. Jani Lirkki & Janne Villikka
4. Iisak Liukko & Sakarias Liukko
5. Mikko Poikonen & Timo Vorne
6. Henrik Martikainen & Petteri Petńinen

Open Singles:

1. Jaakko Inkinen $$$
2. Janne Uusitalo
3. Matti Pohjola
4. Tapio Karhunen
5. Timo Vorne
6. Janne Villikka
7. Jani Lirkki
8. Mikko Poikonen
9. Henrik Martikainen

Thanks to all the players and to IFPA for sanctioning the event! 

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Event Details:
Info on Finnish message board at www.footbag.tk
Contact me if you're coming.

See you there!
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