6th Frankfurt Footbag Open

Tournament Results

6th Frankfurt Footbag Open


Phil Schaefer

E-mail: frankfurt@footbag.org
Tanzhaus West/ Gr?neburgpark
Frankfurt, Frankfurt, Germany
Events Offered:
Footbag Freestyle Men/ Women
Footbag Single Net Men/ Women
Footbag Double Net Men/ Women
Footbag Dance Frivol

Manually Entered Results

Open Freestyle 

1. Yves Kreil 
2. Dylan Fry 
3. Jochen Bauer 
4. Jakob Mai 
5. Thorsten Schäfer 
6. Justin Eichenlaub 
7. Matthias aus Mainz 

Woman Freestyle 

1. Milli Rumpf 
2. Phine Schwingbock 

Double Open Net 

1. Andy Götze und Flo Wolff 
2. Ronalde plus H- ANUS 
3. Phipson and his Watercarrier 
4. Ypsilonassin, Thomsenf und die 4. Dimension+ 

5.-233. Platz nur Gnitzen und Ü 30 Connection Gimbel Heimer 

Single Net 

1.Marcus Kapscak 
2.die EUSE 
4.des CHAMPS Hosen tragende 
5.Faris der Ringer 
7.Toni L. 


1. Lisa Uebele 
2. Andy Wolff 

The 6th Frankfurt Footbag Open will be organised this year in cooperation with a big Hip-Hop Jam in the TanzhausWest - http://www.tanzhaus-west.de/va-130805.html. The freestyle, double net and 4-square contests will be held at the Jam on Saturday and in the good old Grüneburgpark for Single Net and Golf on Sunday. We welcome you to participate and to party with us for the 6th time. Registration closes for double net and freestyle at 11 o´clock on saturday at the tanzhaus West. Here is the link for the location of the tanzhaus west and how you can get there- http://www.tanzhaus-west.de/anfahrt.html Golf and single Net will take place on Sunday. The Registration for these events closes at 11 o´clock on sunday at the Grüneburgpark. If you have any questions about accomondation or anything else don´t hesitate to contact me: philipp@frankfurtfootbag.de See you, Philipp
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