Footbag Camp Croatia 2005

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Footbag Camp Croatia 2005


Jan Struz

Phone: (00420) 603 435 677
Husinec 47, Rez
Czech Republic
Baska Voda
Praha-vychod, Czech Republic
Event Details:

for the third time we organise a Footbag Camp in Croatia. This year we will be staying in town and it should once again be an unforgetable summer vacation.
The costs are 6000,- Kc tax included (+350,- Kc for Bus transportation Prague-Brno-Prague:
for those who dont go from Brno or Vienna) - aproximately 200 Euros (+12Euros for the

The prize includes the folowing:

Transportation from Prague/Brno/Vienna to Baska Voda and back by bus
Accomodation in family tents (you wont be using them much:) 7 nights
Full pension (breakfast, lunch, dinner)
Services of TOMI TOUR delegate

Other stuff prepared for footbag and non-footbag people that we prepare:

Each day full of activities like:

Morning running and warmup
(under the supervision of Ales Zelinka)
Footbag theory hour
Specific footbag training
Special activity (yoga, juggling, massage, barflair, body building, frisbee,
Contest (in swimming, arm wresling, football, footbag golf, 4square, ..etc)

for a last years week schedule please go to

Any questions please adress to Dexter at

We have limited number of attendees so please be fast as possible if your about to have a
great week in the company of great people.

Not mentioning that the world champ himself is gonna be there.

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