5 years Frankfurt Footbag e.V.

Tournament Results

5 years Frankfurt Footbag e.V.


Phil Schaefer

E-mail: frankfurt@footbag.org
Fachhochschule - Sporthalle
Frankfurt, Germany
Events Offered:
Footbag Net and Freestyle. It´s a Jam and therefore up to 
you what is going to be played.

Manually Entered Results

Tournament results for the 5th anniversary of the Frankfurt Footbag Club!

Net Jam

1st Place
Max Gerhardt + Flo Gotze

2nd Place
Thomas Försterson + Yassin Khateeb

3rd Place 
Christian Löwe und Hanneé Tiger

Freestyle Jam

1st Place
TinTin KeinLicher

2nd Place
Max Jaeger

3rd Place
Milli Rumpf

4th Place
Andy Wolff

Golf Jam

1st place
Thorsten "Pusty" karbenervoschel

2nd place
Tin Tin Keinlichersondernnurbinding

Party Results

Drunken Master of the day    Alex Bartsch

PARTY POOPER of the day      TINTIN Keinlicher (das kriegst du zurück...)

Spezial Refill award         Milli Rumpf and Jiggy M

Spezial After EX-award:      Chris Löwe

Spezial Hook Hook Hook award Yassin Khateeb

Spezial Thanks to the players from "abroad" (Munich, Aachen, Cologne and 
Offenbach) who took part in the Shred and Spike Session. 

See you in 5 years, 


All results are official "Unofficial Results" 

We are celebrating the 5th anniversary of the Frankfurt Footbag Club. On February the 26th in 2000 the second Footbag Club in Germany was founded and is now the biggest in Europe. 5 years of constantly growing of the Frankfurt Footbagscene, 5 years of hard training and organisation of the biggest footbag events in europe have gone by. We want to invite everybody who took part in our history and celebrate this special date.
Event Details:
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