Drunken Net Masters 2004

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Drunken Net Masters 2004


Phil Schaefer

E-mail: frankfurt@footbag.org
Frankfurt, Germany
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Footbag Net 

Manually Entered Results


1. Jassin Khateeb + Thomas Förster

2. Sebp Kleinichen + Stefan Nold

3. Christian Löw + Hanneé Daniel (Winner of the Heart)

We would like to invite all Net Players and those who claim to be Net Players throughout the World to compete at our annual Drunken Net Tournament. As every year we have a high level of competitors, who train hard through the whole year for this spezial event. Namely there will be the European Champion in Single Net, the European Champions of Double Open Net and Intermediate Net, The Open Golf Winner of the Frankfurt Footbag Championships 2004 and the whole Frankfurt Crew representing the biggest Drunken Footbag event in Europe!!! The rules are following: 1. There´s only one competition : Footbag Net Double (Unisex) 2. The rules are as the official ones , but: 2,1. As the first Team gets the matchball, the other team can decide to have a glass of Vodka. If the Team decides so and drinks, the drinking team gets the ball and serves. 2,2. The winning team is forced to drink one Vodka each in order to stay at the same level. 2,3. The overall winner Team is the last one standing on the court. So, get busy and come over. We are looking forward to meet you at the other side of the Net, Sincerely Philipp
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