Australian Freestyle Footbag Championships 2005

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Australian Freestyle Footbag Championships 2005


Jeremy Takashi O'Wheel

Phone: 0404 621 893
West Hobart, Tasmania
Site(s) TBA
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Host Club:
Events Offered:
Open: 2 minute Routine, Shred 30, Sick 3, Sick 1, Rippen 
Run, Shred Off

Intermediate: 1.5 - 2 minute routine, Shred 30, Sick 3, Sick 

Depending on numbers: Womens events, four square, double 
freestyle, flow freestyle, consecutives.
The Third Australian Champs is set to be huge!! There will be kicks all week and many top players attending including Dylan Fry, Johnny Murphey, Dan Ednie, Lynton Stephens and myself - as well many up and coming players. Come along and join in the festivities no matter what your freestyle level!! Check out the Ausfootbag message board for more details!! International Players will can recieve free accomodation if they contact us early enough!!
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