Frankfurt Footbag Open 2004

Tournament Results

Frankfurt Footbag Open 2004


Phil Schaefer

Sporthall S?D
Frankfurt, Germany
Events Offered:
Open Freestyle,Women Freestyle, Open Double Net, Open Golf 
+ "Open Fives"

Manually Entered Results

And the winner are:

Open Double Net

1.	Patrick Schnickelsen & Ulli "NUH" Haase ------FC Footstar
2.	Max Gerhardt & Flo Goetze ----- Frankfurt Footbag
3.	Chris Löw & Hanneé Daniel ------Frankfurt Footbag
4.	Sam Maleki & Markus Portenkircher ------Frankfurt & Aachen

Open Freestyle

1.	Matthias Lino Schmidt	FCFoostar
2.	Stefan Siegert	Frankenberg
3.	Jakob Wagner	FCFootstar
4.	Lise Thygessen	Kopenhagen
5.	Stefan Nold	Frankfurt Footbag
6.	David Kaufmann	FCFootstar
7.	Philipp Schäfer	Frankfurt Footbag
8.	Nils G.	Unna

Open Golf

1. Michael Müller 	Frankfurt Footbag
    Jakob Wagner	FCFootstar
2. Sebastian Kleinichen	Frankfurt Footbag
3. Andreas Wolff	Frankfurt Footbag


1.	Matthias Lino Schmidt
2.	Jakob Wagner
3.	Jason 
4.	Felix Graf

The 5th annual Frankfurt Footbag Open will take place this year in a park near the citycentre. If the weather is bad we will move the competition in a big gym named "Sporthalle Süd" in the south of the city. All Footbag players throughout the world are invited to come and compete or just to have some fun. We are really looking forward to meet you all, see you soon, phil
Event Details:
details soon on our local website.
If you wanna come contact:
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