Partizan Hungarian Footbag Championship 2004

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Partizan Hungarian Footbag Championship 2004


Tamas Bogo

Battai u. 3/a.
Site(s) TBA
Budapest, Hungary
Host Club:
Events Offered:
Open, Itermediate, Women freestyle (the finals are battles)
Sick3, shred
Since its our national championship, anyone can register, but only hungarians can take prices in the main categories (not in shred and sick 3). We would take them anyway, so doesn't matter :-) The contest will be in a new open skatepark in the city center, with bleachers arround. There will be skateboard, snakeboardand, breakdance shows and maybe more. Write me if you would do judgeing! ( Registeration until 13.00
Event Details:
Converse Skate Park, XII. Cs÷rsz u. (In front of Mom Park shopping center,
behind the tennis courts)

There is limited homestay at players house. Contact me:

For hostel check: / summer hostels (choose "bakfark" or "hill")
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