20th Annual Midwest Regional Footbag Championships

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20th Annual Midwest Regional Footbag Championships


Scott Davidson

E-mail: enlightener@footbag.org
Phone: Email for current #
~600 Harrison
Oak Park, IL
Rehm Park (900 Gunderson Ave, 60304-2116)
Oak Park, Illinois, USA
Events Offered:
Novice, Intermediate, Open, Mens, Womens, Freestyle Routines, Freestyle 
Shred :30, Novice Consecutives Contest, Singles and Doubles Footbag Net, 
Four Square.
Event Details:

Contact: Scott Davidson of
Illinois Footbag League & International Footbag Players Association.
312-560-9607 (Phone)

The 20th Annual Midwest Regional Footbag Championships is coming up fast!

When: June 5 & 6, 2004
Where: Rehm Park (part of "A Day in our Village" on Sunday), 
    in Oak Park, Illinois (Tennis courts and adjacent area)
    (Block of 900 Gunderson Ave, 60304-2116)

Free Clinics and Consecutives Contests for Everyone on Sunday!

The 20th Annual Midwest Regional Footbag Championships will be held as a part of Oak
Park's "A 
Day in Our Village".  The footbag tournament begins Saturday, June 5th for Intermediates
and Pro's, 
and on Sunday during the "A Day in Our Village" celebration, we will be offering free
clinics and 
contests for kids and adults, while competition continues according to the schedule

Obviously, entry to the park, trying to kick a footbag and being a spectator of our
competition are 
free and encouraged.  Even entering the tournament for Novice players is free (no
t-shirt), and they 
can register on-site at any time on or before Sunday, June 6th.   All Intermediate and Pro
must be registered by 10:00 Saturday, June 5th.   Intermediates ($25 entry) and Pro's ($50
receive a footbag, a T-Shirt and entry into all events.

?It?s our anti-drug, there?s no doubt about that,? said Zach Fowler, student body vice
president of the 
high school in Rock Hill, S.C.     -Source: Rock Hill, S.C. Herald, Tuesday, September, 
2nd, 2003

?It?s the sport that fits in your pocket,? says Bruce Guettich, Director of World Footbag

"This is my 20th year in a row running a footbag tournament.  My very first tournament was
held at 
Carroll Park in 1985, and over the years the event has toured the suburbs, but has been
held 8 other 
times in locations throughout Oak Park."  Many of the worlds top players have competed at
annual event, including several scheduled to come out this year.  "Holding the footbag
during Oak Park's "A Day in Our Village" celebration is the best possible site for us,
because it gives 
us an opportunity to interact with our neighbors, and we offer them an opportunity to try
out a sport 
that is a healthy and fun way to spend their spare time" said Scott Davidson, Event
Director.  Scott is 
a lifelong resident of Oak Park and is developing an educational program for footbag
certification, and has just completed two successful sessions of footbag class at
Stevenson Center 
with Park District of Oak Park.  Scott has been directing footbag events for 19 years and
at the same time.  He was the 1999 World Footbag Freestyle Singles Champion. He is the
director of 
the Illinois Footbag League, the Education Director for the IFPA, and the Director of the
IFC Freestyle 

For additional information, please contact: Scott Davidson, 312-560-9607,

International Footbag Players Association,Inc. is a US 501(c)(3) Charitable Non-Profit

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Saturday - 
    9:00-11:00 Registration
    Noon - 6:00 Footbag Net
    4:00 Freestyle Shred Contest (Intermediate and Pro)
Sunday - 
    Noon - Footbag Net
                 Novice Clinics and Consecutives Contest   
    2:00 Freestyle Routines (Intermediate and Pro)
    3:00 Best Trick Contest
    4:00 Footbag Net Finals
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