24th Annual Moonin' & Noonin' Beaver Open

Event Listing

24th Annual Moonin' & Noonin' Beaver Open


Lori Jean Conover

E-mail: ljconover@comcast.net
Alias: LJ@footbag.org
Phone: (503) 653-9528
11745 SE Wood Avenue
Milwaukie, OR
Willamette Mission State Park
Just North of Salem, Oregon, USA
Events Offered:
Gentlemen?s /Gentlewomen?s games include: Draw Partner Net, 
Freestyle Energy Circle, Footbag Golf (day and glow), 
Cribbage, Bizz-Buzz, Glow in the Dark 4-Square and more!! 
Event Details:
The 24th Annual Moonin / Noonin (and LJ too) Beaver Open
(The World?s Longest Running Footbag Tournament)

Entry forms available from Robert or LJ:

Labor Day Weekend ? For added fun and relaxation, plan to 
arrive early. We?ve reserved the park for Thursday September 2nd, through 
Monday September 6th.  Tournament starts Saturday September 4th. The fun 
starts when YOU get there!

Willamette Mission State Park - 7 miles north of Salem. Take the Brookes Exit 
(#263) off I-5, head west until the road T?s at Wheatland Ferry Road. Turn 
right and follow the signs. Park entrance will be on the left. (Don?t pay 
daily fee for park)

How Much: 
With pre-entry fees are: Adults = $60.00 
($50.00 for our Canadian friends ?eh?)
Ages 6 to 13 = $15.00             
EXTRA shirts $10.00 with pre-entry.
5 years and younger free but with no t-shirt unless ordered separately. 
Per Night Fee:	$20.00 ? does not include shirt

Pre-registration by August 15, is strongly but pleasantly requested.
It will allow us to plan appropriate amounts of food and beverages for 
your camping pleasure.
***No refund after August 23rd***

Pre-entry includes: 
T-shirt, beverages, daylight energy breakfast of muffins, fruit and coffee, 
campfire munchies, and meals as noted below.

Saturday dinner:
Beaver Open provides Hamburgers & Hot dogs, buns and fixin?s. 
Potluck salad buffet: please bring a salad of your choice.

Sunday dinner: 
BBQ Night! Beaver Open provides baked potatoes, corn on the cob, french bread 
and the fixin?s. 
Please bring your own meat for the grill.

Gentlemen?s /Gentlewomen?s games include: Draw Partner Net, Spontaneous 
Freestyle Energy Circle, Footbag Golf (day and glow), Cribbage, Bizz-Buzz, 
and more!!

Other Ideas of Things to Bring: bicycles (for the long trek to the 
bathrooms), wagons (to transport young children too tired to walk), 
bubbles, twiddle sticks, mania, juggling apparatus, Beaver 
memorabilia, musical instruments, drums, bota bags, whimsical doodads, wind 
toys, citronella candles, lanterns, old photos, beaver wood, carving tools, 
frisbees and other flying objects, cameras, gaudy lawn ornaments, etc...

Attention kids please plan to bring props, costumes etc? for variety 

Golf/Adopt-a-Hole: anyone wanting to adopt-a-hole can decorate it any 
way they choose with no fee! Only 18 holes, so reserve yours today.

**Remember to plan your act for the ?We Love Annie? Not so Late Variety 
24th Annual Hall of Famer: MAG HUGHES
Please send in your entries to address below no later than August 15th. 
If you plan to attend but cannot pre-enter, please call and make arrangements 
by the 15th as well. 

L.J. and Robert Conover
11745 SE Wood Ave.
Milwaukie, Oregon 97222
(503) 653-9528
Michael Noonin
(503) 281-4674

Please Note: 
There will be no glow for sale at the tournament site.
www.extremeglow.com 888 748-4755 
www.liquidlight4glow.com 800 228-6890 
www.glow-light-sticks-r-us.com 800 824-9685 
Glow Mania @ 800-766-2818
There are a lot of cool glow things at these sites from Crazy Glow Toe Rings 
to Hair Clips.

Again the cost for entry, food, camping, and FUN is only 60.00

Entry forms available from Robert or LJ:
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