German Footbag Open 2004

Tournament Results

German Footbag Open 2004


Phil Schaefer

Frankfurt, Germany
Events Offered:
Intermediate Single Net, 
Intermediate Doubles Net, 
Open Single Net, 
Open Doubles Net, 
Women Doubles Net, 

Intermediate Freestyle
Women Freestyle, 
Open Freestyle, 
30 sec. Shred, 
Sick 3, 

Golf and
Party Golf

Manually Entered Results

Here are the Net results: 

Intermediate Single Net 

1. Ulli Haase      (FC Footstar Berlin) 
2. Michael Müller  (Frankfurt Footbag e.V.) 
3. Lisa Uebele     (Frankfurt Footbag e.V.) 
4. DJ Fuji         (Frankfurt Footbag e.V.) 

Intermediate Doubles Net 

1. Cornelius Abel + Michael Müller (Frankfurt Footbag e.V.) 
2. Marcelus + Christian            (Mainz) 
3. Lisa Uebele + Henning Lindner   (Frankfurt Footbag e.V.) 

Open Single Net 

1. Andreas Wolff     (Frankfurt Footbag e.V.) 
2. Florian Goetze    (Frankfurt Footbag e.V.) 
3. Patrick Schrickel (FC Footstar Berlin) 
4. Hannes Daniel     (Frankfurt Footbag e.V.) 

Open Doubles Net 

1. Andreas Wolff + Henning Goetzke          (Frankfurt Footbag e.V.) 
2. Patrick Schrickel + Philip Nierstheimer  (FC Footstar Berlin) 
3. Hannes Daniel + Chris Löw                (Frankfurt Footbag e.V.) 
4. Eurik Lindner + Markus Kaspzac           (SG Frankfurt Footbag e.V.)  

Golf results: 

1. Stefan Siegert with 16 kicks (4 under par) 
2. Chris Löw with 17 kicks (3 under par) 
3. Team Tüte with 20 kicks (Par) 
4. Team Magic with 21 kicks (1+ par) 

1. Honza Weber 163 points Dictators Praha 
2. Dexter 138 points Dictators Praha 
3. Matthias Schmidt 124,2 pointsFC Footstar Berlin 
4. Stefan Siegert 124,1 pointsFC Footstar Berlin 

Sick 3 

1. Honza Weber fenix ? food prozessor ? paradox symposium whirl 
2. Matthias Schmidt pdx drifter ? pdx whirl ? p.s. whirl 
3. Jakob swirl ? reverse swirl ? reverse swirl pick up 
4. Max Kerkhoff bluriest ? blur ? motion

Intermediate Freestyle

1. Sebastian Jakobi
2. David Kaufmann
3. Tim Heun
4. Roy

Women Freestyle

1. Lise Thygesen
2. Anne Busch
3. Lisa Uebele
4. Milli Rumpf

Open Men Freestyle

1. Honza Weber
2. Paul Cronjaeger
3. Matthias Lino Schmist
4. Jan Struz

The complete Freestyle results under:

The 6th annual German Footbag Open will take place this year in Frankfurt. The event location is a park near the citycentre. It is a beautiful site, with a water playground, lots of trees and naked women.... The Frankfurt Footbag club is experienced in hosting footbag events and will make the German Footbag Open and the after party unforgetable. All Footbag players throughout the world are invited to come and compete or just to have some fun. We are really looking forward to meet you all, see you soon, phil
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