Russian Open Footbag Series/ Stage 1

Tournament Results

Russian Open Footbag Series/ Stage 1


Alexander G. Smirnov

Phone: 007- 903-792-58-09
Saint-Petersburg, Russia
Host Club:
Events Offered:
open doubles net;
open singles freestyle, sick 3, shred 30; 
freestyle battle 

Manually Entered Results

Open Doubles Net                        the points the team gets in Russian 
Open                                        Footbag Series rating system

1. Footcraft (Finland)                      50
2. Team Spirit (Finland)                    40
3. Finjas (Finland)                         30
4. NiNo (Nizniy Novgorod)                   20

5-6 Footbag Team Moscow                     10
H.I.F. (Moscow)

Didn't make out of pools:                   2
FLT (St'Pete)
Aeroport Footbag Division (Moscow)
Sketch Games (St'Pete)
Minus 1 (Moscow)
Joy Fit (St'Pete)
GP (Nizniy Novgorod)
Capsula Footbag Team (St'Pete)
NFA (Moscow)
TEAM (Moscow)

Open Singles Freestyle
1. Jere "the smooth criminal" Vainikka(Fin)50
2. Alexander "kermit" Zamotin (Moscow)     40
3. Evgeniy "Yoga" Kichigin (St'Pete)       30
4. Arkady "kemp" Lobankov (Moscow)         20

5-8 Evgeniy "John" Kuharenko (Omsk)        10
Ilkka Malin (Finland)
Kirill Gurov (Kaluga)
Maxim "doctor" Erashov (Moscow)

Didin't make out of pools                  2
Magomed "alee" Yandiev (Moscow)
Andrey "jamiro" Egorov (Moscow)
Vjacheslav Sidorin (Omsk)
Alexey Romanov (Omsk)
Alexander "uffurf" Semichev (St'Pete)

This is the first event of RUSSIAN OPEN FOOTBAG SERIES 2004. The competition will take place under the biggest sport expo in Saint- Petersburg which is held in a huge "SKK" winter stadium that can seat 20,000 spectators. The event is sponsored by CAPSULA shops BY PRE-REGISTRATION ONLY.
Event Details:

March 19-20
preliminary rounds net & freestyle

March 21
sick 3, shred 30, FINALS


Nice hotel in the very centre of Saint-Petersburg for the price of 7 EURO 
per night can be booked by the organizers two weeks in advance.
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