FC Footstar's 6th Anniversary

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FC Footstar's 6th Anniversary


Matthias Lino Schmidt

Alias: mls@footbag.org
Waldorfschule Kreuzberg / Muvuca
Berlin, Germany
Events Offered:
freestyle shred, net play
FC Footstar's 6th Anniversary
On January 12th, 2004, the FC Footstar Berlin e.V. will turn 6 years old. We are going to celebrate this on the weekend of January 17th and 18th. There will be footbag freestyle shred and net play on both days in the gym of the Waldorfschule Kreuzberg. On Saturday night, we are going to have Berlin's first ever public Footbag Party at the Muvuca, a nice cafe/club in the center of Berlin. DJs will be playing Reggae/Ragga/Dancehall tunes as well as some fine Drum and Bass. Also, we'll be showing footbag videos such as the brand new, yet to be released 'The Move'.

Everyone's invited to join us in this celebration!

More information (German only) at www.fcfootstar.de/events/6vereinsgeb.htm, or, for English language information, write an email to kontakt(at)fcfootstar.de.

Event Details:
Private accommodation can be arranged, but space is limited. First come, first serve!
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