Aachen Indoor Open 2004

Tournament Results

Aachen Indoor Open 2004


Justin J. Eichenlaub

E-mail: justin41@footbag.org
Phone: +49(0)179 959 969 9
Aachen, Nrw
Aachen, Germany
Host Club:
Events Offered:
Net-Single, Net-Double, maybe Freestyle and Golf, Party

Manually Entered Results


double open:
1. andi wolf / philipp schaefer
2. florian goetze / max gerhardt
3. Hannes Daniel / Chris lw
4. Sam maaleki / markus portenkirchner
single open
1. Florian goetze
2. andi wolf
3. sam maaleki
4. philipp schaefer

TSK Aachen proudly presents:
Aachen Indoor Open 2004

Event Details:
Please check out our Website for more Information 


Tournament information:

Fees: You don?t have to pay any registration fee. We would appreciate a 
contribution of 10 ? to cover our expenditures for sleeping places, party and 
Prizes: Cups, medals and stuff from our sponsors: t-shirts, caps, coupons etc. 

Location: The games will take place on 6-8 indoor courts. Another court is 
designated for the freeststylers. 
Some t-shirts and footbags will be sold in the gym as well. 

Net: There will be single and double net-competitions. Well try to make a 
"Losers Bracket", so beginners are welcome!

Freestyle: Probably there will be a Sick3 and a 30-seconds-shred contest. The 
freestylers themselves have to organize and judge it. We will organize the 
space and the floor. There won?t be a jury to judge freestyle routines. 

Accomodation: Directly in the gym there will be two small gyms for sleeping an 
relaxing. Please bring sleeping bags and mats. Showers are of course in the 
gym as well. 

Catering: On Friday night we will make a big pizza-order. On Saturday we will 
have breakfast altogether. In the evening we will prepare a cold buffet and 
sell some cheap beer before we go to the party. Fruits and water for the 
players will be provided as well. Please bring a dish, a cup and knife etc.

Party: Saturday we will make a party together with the Cool Breeze Drum ?n? 
Bass-Session. Players have free entry, guests have to pay 3?.
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