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Jan Struz

Phone: (00420) 603 435 677
Husinec 47, Rez
Czech Republic

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Praha, Czech Republic
Events Offered:
Freestyle: Open, Shred, Sick 3, Big Trick

Manually Entered Results

Open singles freestyle: 
1.	Va?ek Klouda (CZ)
2.	Honza Weber (CZ)
3.	Lon Smith (US)
4. 	Ale? Zelinka
5.	Samuel Hufshmidt
6.	Pavel Cerveny
7.	Damian Budzik
8. 	Paul Cronjager
9.	Matthias Schmidt
10.	Alex Michelewski

1.	Verena Leneis (AT)
2.	Hania Mickiewicz (PL)
3.	Fine Schwenbeck (GE)
4.	Nora Lochen (AT)

Shred 30: 
1.	Va?ek Klouda (CZ)
2.	Lon Smith (US)
3.	Honza Weber (CZ)

Sick 3: 
1.	Va?ek Klouda (CZ)
- Ducking Whirlwind > Whirlwind > Spin Pdx Blender
- Ripstein > Spin Pdx Whirl > Double Blender
- Montage > Whirlwind > Whirlwind Rake
2.	Ale? Zelinka (CZ)
- Blurry Whirl > Blurriest > Bedwetter
- PS Whirl > Superfly > Whirwind
3.	Honza Weber (CZ)
- Ducking Dimwalk > Food Processor > PS Whirl

Big 1:
1.	Ale? Zelinka (CZ) ? Nemesis
2.	Vá?ka Klouda (CZ) ? Montaging rake
3.	Honza Weber (CZ) ? Ducking Foodprocessor, Slapstick

Date: 20.3.2003
Registration: preregistration at and late registration (late 
fee) from 10:00 to 11:00 on the spot
Start of competition: 12:30 qualification

Events offered: 
- Open Singles (2min)
- Women (1.5min)
- Shred (30sec)*
- Sick 3*
- Big 1*

*To these events players can register, but only 12 of them will be selected 
by the judges to compete.

Where: Palac Akropolis, Kubelikova 27, 130 00 Praha 3 

How to get there: Tram station and Metro station Jiriho z Podebrad (line A)

Accomodation: Do not reserve your rooms through 
their registration service, but do it through ours by sending an email to and specifying the dates of arrival and departure and 
stuff like this :) The price is 250CZK/person/night (cca 7EUR)

By the time a footbag freestyle event reaches its 5th anniversary its 
dimension turns into legend. More and more players attend Todexon each year. 
We as organisers keep this in mind and therefore we will do this year as 
good and even better than the last ones. We will have a special guest from 
USA, Lon Smith a player with great style and reputation, who will chalenge 
the best European players. This year Todexon will again be unforgettable. 
Dont miss it! 

Night Entertainment:
After TODEXON#5 - after prize giving ceremony at 20.30 we directly enter a 
very popular hip-hop event called Foundation with its 25th jubilee. We will 
see battles in everything that comes with hiphop: Breakdance, Beat-box, 
Graffiti a DJ a MC. Those of you that have been to TDX in 2001 know what its 
like. Those that have not been there, believe that there are 500-700 
spectators coming to have fun.

First screening of "Sick.03 footbag movie"
presented by U-nanim works
time aprox. 80 minutes

Events and Locations: 

Todexon 03, Prague
Euros 03, Frankfurt
Shred in Paris
Footbag camp, Povljana - Croatia
Worlds 03, Prague
Shred in Lausanne
Shred in Vienna

A BIG Freestyle video with a lot of very high level footbag. The intensity 
of footbag goes up during all the film. 

09:00 player entry
10:00 registration / check-in
11:00 end of registration / brunch
12:00 WARM-UP
12:30 qualification Freestyle Open
15:30 Women Freestyle, 
16:00 30sec Shred, The doors open for people
16:30 semifinals Freestyle Open
18:00 Dinner, programe on-stage
19:00 Sick 3, Big Trick
19:45 Announce of the finalists
20:00 Start Grand Final
20:30 Award ceremony
20:45 Start of HipHopFoundation#25
22:00 Start of video Sick.03

Registration: 400CZK
IFPA membership: 300CZK 
Entrance: 150CZK (including Foundation#25-finále).
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