East Coast Footbag Championships - 4th Annual - 1986

Tournament Results

East Coast Footbag Championships - 4th Annual - 1986


Eric M. Wulff

E-mail: ewulff@gmail.com
Alias: ewulff@footbag.org
Phone: (415) 216.5379
1640 Kirkham St #6
San Francisco, CA
Monmouth College
Long Branch, New Jersey, USA
Events Offered:
Singles Consecutive, Doubles One Pass Consecutive, Footbag 
Golf, Footbag Freestyle, Mixed Doubles Footbag Net, 
Beginners Singles Net, Beginners Doubles Net, Womens 
Singles Net, Womens Doubles Net, Advanced Singles Net, 
Advanced Dopubles Net, Open Singles Net, Open Doubles Net

Manually Entered Results

Singles Consecutive
1.	Rob McCloskey (8533) ? Event Record
2.	Bob Nicholson (7155)
3.	Eric Wulff (5556)

Doubles One Pass Consecutive
1.	Andy Linder/Rob McCloskey (2014)
2.	Constance Reed/Jimmy Caveny (1342)
3.	Adam Eisner/Dennis Griffin (234)

Footbag Golf
1.	Jeff 'Animal' Johnson
2.	Jimmy Cabeney
3.	Charlie Hallowell

Footbag Freestyle
1.	Andy Linder/Eric Wulff
2.	Mark Ciccetti/Dale Crawford
3.	Constance Reed/Jimmy Caveny

Mixed Doubles Footbag Net
1.	Constance Reed/Jimmy Caveny 
2.	Grace Carnebalino/Andy Linder
3.	Marta Cano/Charlie Hallowell

Beginners Singls Net
1.	Stephen Saul
2.	Gary Schechner
3.	Peter Irish

Beginners Doubles Net
1.	Stephen Saul/Mike Best
2.	Ben Clark/Joe Clark
3.	Brian Kenney/Christian Tremo

Womens Singles Net
1.	Constance Reed
2.	Mary Barnett
3.	Brenda Carmen

Womens Doubles Net
1.	Constance Reed/Paula Elsner
2.	Mary Barnett/Holly Rae Taylor
3.	Ruth Osterman/Kathy Guenther

Advanced Singles Net
1.	Jeff 'Animal' Johnson
2.	Chris 'Gator' Routh
3.	Ken 'Hammer' Hamric

Advanced Doubles Net
1.	Jim Caveney/Andy Linder
2.	Chris 'Gator' Routh/Ken 'Hammer' Hamric
3.	Jeff 'Animal' Johnson/Peter Shunny

Director - Rick Kaufman. Some Highlights... The first east coast footbag event with prize money. The WFA touring team attended the event. Rob McCloskey sets event consecutive record which still stands as of the 20th Annual ECFC in June 2003. The Ocean County Clippers briefly break up in order that Eric Wullff can team with Andy Linder. Turns out he wins his first freestyle title partnered with Andy. Peter Irish competes in his first ever footbag tournament.
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