Japanese Footbag Championships 2003

Event Listing

Japanese Footbag Championships 2003


Sunil S. Jani

Alias: tsunami@footbag.org
Boulder, CO
Palette Town
Odaiba, Tokyo, Japan
Host Club:
Events Offered:
Freestyle Championships, Big One Trick, Demonstrations, 
Workshops, Four Square etc.
Event Details:
Sponsor: Pepsi Japan

Registration Fee:  FREE

Special Guests:
Ken Somolinos
Sunil S. Jani

Both will be judging, performing demos, and running workshops.

Please see www.footbag.jp for full details (JAPANESE ONLY).  Alternatively, 
you can contact Jun NAKASHIMA at the above email address. 
Otherwise, you can try an online translator for the page by pasting the link 
into the form at www.worldlingo.com
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