Turku Open

Tournament Results

Turku Open


Matti Pohjola

Alias: mohkale@footbag.org
Phone: +358 40 3024749
Kupittaa Park
Turku, Finland
Host Club:
Events Offered:
Open doubles net
Open freestyle
Intermediate net
Intermediate freestyle

Manually Entered Results


Pro Doubles:

1. Oskari Forstén & Matti Pohjola (pro net footbags)
2. Jesse Ruotsalainen & Aleksi Öhman
3. Tuomas Kärki & Jukka Peltola
4. Jaakko Lindström & Jarno Terho
5. Jyri Ilama & Mikko Tapaninaho
6. Otso Konttinen & Kim Salin
7. Tommi Hatakka & Mika Suominen


Pro Routines:

1. Lasse Salmenhaara (Pro 32 sand)
2. Felix Zenger
3. Mikko Lepistö

Pro Sick 3:

1. Felix Zenger (Pro 32 sand)
2. Juuso Karhunen
3. Tuukka Antikainen

Pro Ironman:

1. Tuukka Antikainen (Pro 32 sand)

Pro Shred 30:

1. Mikko Lepistö (Pro 32 sand)

Intermediate Routines:

1. Juuso Huopalainen (Free participation next year)

Turku Open gathers all Finnish top shots such as Ilkka Malin, Jere Vainikka and Felix Zenger to the beautiful city of Turku for some serious footbagging.
In Turku there is also the biggest city festival in Finland happening at the time of Turku Open, called Down By The Laituri.
So give me one good reason not to come...
Event Details:
Driving directions can soon be found on the tournament web site. 
Final schedule is already online.
Registration begun May 12th and ends June 5th.
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