Budapest Zoo Footbag Battle

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Budapest Zoo Footbag Battle


Tamas Bogo

Battai u. 3/a.
Budapest Zoo, Noe Arena
Budapest, Hungary
Host Club:
Events Offered:
Open single, double, and woman battles; sick3; shred
No registration fee, entery to the Zoo is 3 Euro
Between the two "big" events we will try to do something irregular. Instead of haveing qualification, semi-final and final, judged separately and than compared, everyone (and each teams) will do only one 2 minutes ruteen and according to that the couples of the battles will be set by the judges. Than they can show their tricks face to face. For e. g.: if one shows his (or her) ducking sets, the other has to answer with the duckings he can hit, and so on... I hope you find it interesting too! The local breakers will also show you how they battle. And there will also be a very big party at the end.
Event Details:
We'll start at 1 pm and finish at 6 pm, because the zoo closes.

Directions: Ask somebody where the Zoo is and go where he/she tells you to!

Hotel info:; Hostel Bánki is the closest to the location, 
Hostel Bakfark is also not too far.
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