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Jan Struz

Phone: (00420) 603 435 677
Husinec 47, Rez
Czech Republic
Roxy Club
Prague, Czech Republic
Events Offered:
Open 2 min Routine
Intermediate 1,5 min Routine
Sick 3
TODEXON 2003 Date: 21.03.2003 Registration: Pre-registration on and on spot at 11:00 Competition start: 12:00 ? qualifications, 14:00 ? semis Categories: FREESTYLE: - Intermediate Singles (1,5min) - Open Singles (2 min) - Girls - Shred 30 - Sick 3 Event Location: Roxy Praha, Dlouha ulice, Praha 1. http:/ How to get there: Tram station Dlouha trida, metro station Namesti Republiky (route B) Accomodation: Travelers Hostel Roxy, right above the klub. Please book your rooms at sale for students. Support: Dj?s, live hip-hop, Peter Irish, Breakdance, Playstation, Chillout and many more Comment: This year our event rises few levels up the ladder of massivness. Not only that we picked Pragues best and most famous club, but this event will exlusivelly present five times world footbag freestyle champion Peter Irish (USA) and ofcourse present reighning freestyle king Vasek Klouda. Whole day/night programe will be supported bt best Dj?s nad performers. Start at 12:00 and end in the morning. Something like that was has never happened in Prague. Presented by CFA in cooperation with Roxy Praha and 4elements organisors. More Info: always
Event Details:

Todexon 2000

On the day of 5th February, in at that time underground club Luxor, exploded 
the first year of races that blowed in a great echo. Not only that czech 
players showed enormous will in their routines, but players from overboard 
came. Andrew McCargar reigned this event and won it in the finals. Players 
from Germany, France, Denmark and USA were there for this czech grand 
freestyle opening. A tournament of great status.

Todexon 2001

We would feel it as a great loss, not to continue with such a successful 
work. There for Todexon people found a cool place that happened to be just 
two floors above the original first time todexon arena . The turn up from CR 
and foreign states was greater than last time. Except czech players there 
were shredders from Finland, Germany, Poland, Hungary and girls from 
Switzerland. The finals were dominated by at that time european champion 
Justin Sexton from Finland. It was Vasek Klouda that clinched second place 
in his first contest ever.

Todexon 2002

Events prestige raised once again. As the gathering spot pragues palace 
Akropolis was used. This time we had even more players signing than ever 
before and more surrounding states came to be there. It was CR, Slovakia, 
Germany, Poland, Hungary, Switzerland, USA, Frnace and Australia. Most 
outstanding player (and a winner) was at that time reigning world champion 
Ryan Mulroney. Audience responded furiously and with great quantity and the 
show was pushed to night hours. Lots of participants keep the atmosphere and 
euphoria till nowadays.

Todexon 2003

This year its going to be something even more special than all the previous 
three years together. Not only all Czech Footbag Association players cant 
wait for the day to come, but also lots of players from active european 
footbag countries. The program is stuffed with entertainment from dawn till 
dusk. It begins at noon on the day of 14th March and ends somewhere in 
morning hours of the next day. As an international ace directly from USA, 
five time world singles freestyle champion Peter Irish will accompany us. 
Then we will have present reigning world champion Vasek Klouda who cant wait 
to be on stage. There will be top players from all surrounding countries, 
but the czechs have something to show as well. Jan Weber and Ales Zelinka 
are ready to show all their skills through hard play. The competition will 
be packed with professionals. Night program is filled with top prague DJ s, 
shows in Breakdance, Juggling and other freestyles with a top notch band at 
the end. Playstati! on stand consoles and chill-out will be available 
through whole of the day.

10:00 players check-in
11:00 registration
12:00 qualification, audience will be let in
14:00 semifinals
19:00 finals
19:30 finals end
20:00 beginning of night program
21:00 1st screening of  Budapest European Video    French Production
22:00 award ceremony, Battle: footbag, b-boys, juggling, beat-box 23:00 band 
24:00 Dj s 03:00 assumed end

Event location:
Roxy Praha, Dlouha ulice, Praha 1.

Tram station Dlouha trida, metro station: Namesti republiky (yellow line   B)

Travellers Hostel, right above roxy
It s the DLOUHA HOSTEL. Sales fo students otherwise its 9 euro per 

CFA with 4element productions
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