Fall Footbag Party 2002

Tournament Results

Fall Footbag Party 2002


Christopher Michael Siebert

Alias: conan@footbag.org
Phone: 540-229-9865
Charlottesville, VA
Fourth Street/Chicago Avenue Park
Ocean City, Maryland, USA
Host Club:
Events Offered:
Net, Freestyle, Circle-style, 4 square, possible Firebag

Manually Entered Results

The footbag gods smiled upon us in the form of excellent weather in Ocean 
City!  Saturday we played freestyle and net.  Sunday we rode the Ocean Bowl 
skate park in the morning, then played some more footbag.  The sites were so 
good (hotel is 1 block from park, skate park, courts, beach, and boardwalk) 
that we are considering having a tournament there in spring 2003!

This year's Fall Footbag Party will be at the beach in Ocean City, Maryland. I think I found the perfect hotel - near the park, near the boardwalk, near the beach, good rates ($50 - 80/night). Don't miss this chance to play footbag outside again before winter! Note: there is no rain date. Hope for good weather!
Event Details:
I'll get to the park by 11am on Saturday, Oct. 26.  We'll kick, wander over 
to the boardwalk for lunch, kick some more, check in at the hotel, kick some 
more, and have a great time!

Hotel Monte Carlo
216 North Baltimore Avenue (3rd street and Baltimore)
Ocean City, MD 21842
Rates: $50-80/night ("Mac" told me these rates will not increase even if you 
get your room that day.  You should call and check on that.)

Fourth Street/Chicago Avenue Park
(located behind Third Street Park on St. Louis Avenue)
Featuring ball fields, basketball, tennis, and Ocean Bowl Skate Park.

Directions?  Find a map.  That's what I'm going to do :)

Come out and play!
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