2002 Texas State Footbag Championships

Tournament Results

2002 Texas State Footbag Championships


Garry Howard Gaman

Alias: garrhow@footbag.org
Houston, TX
Westheimer Street Festival - Allen Parkway
Houston, Texas, USA
Events Offered:
Net (singles/doubles),
Freestyle (singles/doubles),
Golf ,

Manually Entered Results

2002 Texas State Footbag Championships Results

Mixed Doubles Net
1st	Tina Lewis / Craig Lord
2nd	Heather Thomas / Garry Gaman
3rd 	Martina Santesteban / Ariel Santesteban

Pro Doubles Net
1st	Tim Vozar / Garry Gaman
2nd	Craig Lord / Dave Spears
3rd	Tina Lewis / Heather Thomas
4th	Dallas Wiard / Jeff Wells

Pro Singles Net
1st	Tim Vozar
2nd	Garry Gaman
3rd	Tina Lewis
4th	Jeff Wells
5th	Dallas Wiard
6th	Eric Burgess

Intermediate Doubles Net
1st	Alex Spears / Chris Gober
2nd	Mike Stokely / Curtis Taylor
3rd	Martina Santesteban / Nathan Dorr

Intermediate Singles Net
1st	Curtis Taylor
2nd	Chris Gober
3rd	Alex Spears
4th	Mike Stokely
5th	Martina Santesteban

Intermediate Freestyle
1st	Mike Stokely
2nd	Curtis Taylor
3rd	Shawn Moehring

Pro Freestyle
1st	Cody Rushing
2nd	Derric Scalf
3rd	Michael Lopez
4th	Kyle Crawford
5th	Matt Strong
6th	Juan Sanchez

30 Second Shred
1st	Matt Strong
2nd	Derric Scalf
3rd	Kyle Crawford
4th	Andrew Koller
5th	Eric Burgess
6th	Michael Lopez

Intermediate One minute Consecutives
1st	Alex Spears
Pro One minute Consecutives
1st	Matt Strong
2nd	Juan Sanchez
3rd tie	Michael Lopez
3rd tie	Ariel Santesteban
4th	Jeff Wells

Pro Golf
1st	Matt Strong
2nd tie	Jeff Wells
2nd tie	Derric Scalf
3rd	Eric Burgess
4th	Tim Vozar
5th tie	Craig Lord
5th tie	Shardul Sarhael

Intermediate Golf
1st	Chris Gober 
2nd	Mike Stokely
3rd tie	Nathan Dorr
3rd tie	Shawn Moehring

Texas State is moving to Houston this year to be part of a Huge event..."The Westheimer Street Festival" - one of the Biggest and Best Festivals in Houston. "The Westheimer Street Festival" opens up each day to the public 12 noon and closes about 7pm - that's Sat. and Sun. (Oct 19th & 20th). We of course will start our events early Sat. and Sun. morning : Golf - at 8am(Designed by vet/champion player Jeff Wells in cooperation with footbag champion James Roberts) and Net about 9:30 or 10am pending when golf ends - 9 holes). Of course there will be a players meeting just before net starts. We will keep everyone updated and send out an official scedule as we get closer to date. So by the time the Fest. opens up net prelims. will be in full swing and Freestyle tentatively will start about 3pm. As far as address,directions, location,and more details about the Festival/Tourney Site go to www.westheimerfestival.com and you can retrieve all the info. you want ;eg. - stats, history, location, events, etc.
Event Details:
For More Info.-On event specifics, schedules, registration,directions, and 
hotels, etc. visit our web site listed at the top of this page.You may also 
link to Westheimer 
Festival site from our site for directions and other details about the 
festival (www.westheimerfestival.com) .Please don't hesitate to call  or e-
mail us for further details too. 
We will e-mail flyer info upon request or mail out(flyer may be updated 
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